Labor-intensive Chinese craftsman culture (continued)

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I have written some things in the past. Now I can look back and find that I am not clear about it in many places, and I am not clear about it. I wrote an article about the old "management and technology" and explained it again.
Everyone has many ideas to express on this topic. Let's talk about some of my views.

Significance of Management

When talking about management, you may think of assigning tasks, estimating the progress, making plans, developing systems, or asking everyone to work overtime.
Project managers in many companies are also senior programmers. As a model leader, management appears to serve people technically.
Other project managers take "people in charge" as their duty, formulate rules and regulations, constrain their behavior or thinking methods, and occasionally use fragmented tasks to torture programmers.

Management is divided into administrators and directors. Some of my friends argue that "the technology is not as good as my lack of authority to manage me", and that "management is a constraint. If management is designated by a company in a narrow sense, management in a broad sense refers to "Influencing" others' behaviors and effectively utilizing resources.
I don't remember what I saw in this book. Managers can assign, but leaders cannot be assigned.
The ultimate goal of management is to allow the team to complete tasks smoothly. Others are managed, not for the purpose. If we start from a broad management concept and abandon the company's job restrictions, we can say that there is no conflict between technology and management.

Self-organizing team

I have written an article about self-organizing teams before. If you are interested, you can take a look.
Every member of the self-organizing team is a manager, and the Project Managers assigned by the company are not directly involved in the development work. The significance of their existence is to create the most efficient working environment for the development team. This is also a management concept I advocate.
The most typical example of self-organizing teams is birds. Each bird has only partial and simple behavior rules, but a certain number of groups show orderly and collective emergency actions. This seems to have some kind of group planning and management, but in fact it does not.

Management is a breeze

From the perspective of birds, for example, the geese flying south in autumn. They do not have group planning and management, but primary school students all know that they will be in the shape of a person and a person ". So how can they do this?
The answer is "wind" or "Aerodynamic ".
The geese know what formation is the most labor-saving and what wings are most efficient. The leading geese are experienced geese. But it is not a manager. Real managers are invisible. The invisible form of the wind determines the behavior of the geese, and the geese use the power of the wind to complete the migration.
Wind is neither a constraint nor an exemplary model for geese. However, experienced geese can use the wind to fly better, while the geese at the rear can use the front of the geese to fan their wings to save effort. Therefore, the highest level of management is invisible, bringing out an orderly and efficient team under the invisible management. At the same time, Members in the team interact with each other and manage each other.

The purpose of management is to allow everyone to complete the task smoothly, so management is to make it reasonable ". Reasonable represents an efficient process, a reasonable system, a healthy member relationship, and a vision to work together.

Craftsman who surpasses craftsman

Marx said, "People are the sum of all social relations ". It can also be said that the team members are the sum of the internal relationships of the team.
The value of each person lies not in his technical capabilities, but in his influence. In a team, the influence of a person is an important sign of his team. Manage your managers and your team.
As mentioned above, if such a good manager provides us with a good environment, what can we do?
"Yuan du believes that the scriptures", according to the rules of the wind, make full use of the conditions created by managers to accomplish their goals.
If you are an experienced geese, you will naturally lead the team to do things in the right way. At this time, he is no longer a craftsman, but a craftsman beyond the craftsman.

The craftsman only pays attention to the current work. As an artist, this is understandable. However, as a participant in a software project, due to the growing size and complexity of the software system, we had to "submit ourselves to work with others. In this situation, technology is not all factors.

The code written by junior programmers can only be understood by the compiler, but the code written by senior programmers is intended to be understood by more people. This also shows that when technology reaches a certain level, we should not only focus on code, but on people. As long as you focus on people, it is inevitable to "Work hard ".

Many people, like me, who are fascinated by technology, agree that they can use technology to suit people. However, in interactions between people, there may be more people in morality. Although "serving people with good faith" sounds a bit cool, highly respected people are more likely to be recognized.
For example, Mozi's success lies in his technology, but his influence is more important.

As a programmer, "Labor" is a natural task, but as a programmer to create higher value, you must "Work hard ".

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