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For Linux under the one-button installation package, to LNMP (linux+nginx+mysql+php) majority, LAMP (linux+apache+mysql+php) relatively few, and in the domestic, often too much emphasis on Nginx high concurrency, save memory and easy installation , but then again, most of the Chinese webmaster just play is WordPress or Discuz, and have high concurrent demand is not too much, so generally speaking, Apache is enough. Therefore, I still recommend small and medium-sized webmaster use Apache, this introduces a foreigner's lamp one-button installation package: XAMPP.

XAMPP is a product of the Apache Friends project, and Apache Friends is a non-profit project that promotes Apache servers. It was established by Kai ' Oswald ' Seidler and Kay Vogelgesang in the spring of 2002, and the cumulative number of downloads has exceeded tens of millions of times (data from the Apache Friends statistics). XAMPP also has the Linux/windows/mac OS x/solaris four versions for use, each version will be installed in the "best" combination apache/mysql/phpmyadmin/ PHP (Windows version of Apache needs to be installed on its own).

for XAMPP compatibility testing, its project site is described as follows:

For Linux versions (already tested under Ubuntu, SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake, and Debian),

Available for Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista versions,

For beta versions of Solaris SPARC (developed and tested in Solaris 8 environments),

Beta version for Mac OS X.

A special note is that the XAMPP version for Mac OS X and Solaris is still in the first phase of development. When used, the risk comes from the shoulder.

the security of XAMPP is described as follows:

The idea behind XAMPP is to provide a set of easy to install distributions for developers who want to enter the Apache world. For the convenience of developers, XAMPP is configured to open all features by default. From a security standpoint, the default configuration is not ideal and is not safe for the production environment--do not use XAMPP in such environments. Starting with Lampp 0.9.5, you can make XAMPP more secure by calling»/opt/lampp/lampp security«.

With regard to licensing, this is true:

XAMPP is a free software version (similar to a Linux distribution) that is free and can be reproduced freely under the GNU general Public License terms. But only the XAMPP version is published under the GPL. Check the separate license for each product in the package separately to see if it is licensed. For commercial use, check the product license (especially MySQL), which is free of charge from the XAMPP point of view.

The latest version of XAMPP is 1.75BETA (depending on the platform, the Bata version is slightly different), it will install version 5.5 of the mysql,5.3 version of the php,2.2 version of Apache and 3.4 version of the phpMyAdmin, other installation parts are as follows: Perl, ProFTPD, OpenSSL, GD, Freetype2, Libjpeg, libpng, gdbm, zlib, Expat, Sablotron, Libxml, Ming, Webalizer, PDF class, ncurs ES, Mod_perl, FreeTDS, GetText, MCrypt, Mhash, Eaccelerator, SQLite, and IMAP c-client. In accordance with previous experience, if it is installed on the 512MB VPS, it is best to close the MySQL InnoDB (operation look here).


XAMPP installation Tutorials under Linux:

Installation tutorials under Windows:

Installation Tutorial under Mac OS x:

Installation Tutorial under Solaris:

Xampp the latest beta download address:

XAMPP's Chinese help document:

XAMPP's Chinese official homepage:

XAMPP, I did not carry out the test, if which child shoes have idle VPS or alone, and are interested in testing, please send me your detailed test results, but also to everyone a reference.

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