Lao Tzu's software path-Article 31 avoid vicious competition

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Abstract: Lao Tzu's philosophy, morality, software philosophy, and software reference: top ten programming rules for eliminating human wolf software in sequence

SAGE:The Good Soldier has an ominous device, thing or evil, so there is no such thing. The gentleman's house is expensive on the left, and the soldiers are expensive on the right. The enemy of war is not a gentleman's weapon. It is used as a last resort. The beauty is the joy of killing people. Those who kill with happy cannot be devoted to the world. Jishi is still left, and the murder is still right. The general is left, and the general is right. To the funeral. Kill all, weeping with sorrow, and defeating with a funeral.

This chapter focuses on the path of war. Lao Tzu further elaborated on his anti-war stance. The enemy is not a gentleman, but must be used to win the game, defeat with a funeral.

What is war in the field of application software? We believe that vicious competition is war, and means and conspiracy used in vicious competition are weapons. They are all ominous. We should despise it and dislike it.

Vicious Competition usually uses low-price or improper means to obtain market share, which not only hurts competitors but also hurts themselves, therefore, it is also known as "suicide competition", "devastating competition" or "destructive competition". It does not use resources and energy to improve the quality and efficiency of products and services, however, in the process of investing in bad means and conspiracy, the production capacity of the enterprise itself is not properly invested and concerned. Therefore, the quality of products and services cannot be improved or even decreased gradually. The entire industry is eventually damaged, so it is devastating and destructive.

In fact, end users are not beneficiaries in this process. On the contrary, users are the final victims. We take low-price competition as an example. In two aspects:

First of all, for a specific project, the user seems to have saved money, but it is difficult to guarantee the quality of products and services, and it is difficult to reach the expected goal, the loss to enterprise development far exceeds the cost saved. More importantly, the company's investment in application projects is only part of the overall investment, project planning, demand personnel investment, testing personnel investment, equipment investment, development site costs, training costs, etc., the total cost far exceeds the direct investment, once the expected objectives are not met, the cost of time and opportunity loss is more difficult to calculate.

On the other hand, due to the damages caused by vicious competition, enterprises that provide services in this field cannot develop healthily and there is no necessary R & D, training or talent incentive mechanism, as a result, the overall capacity of such enterprises is low and there is a shortage of talents, which cannot meet the increasing application system construction requirements of users, thus causing a far-reaching adverse impact on end users.

It can be seen that vicious competition is extremely destructive and must be highly valued by us.



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