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Now more and more people use WiFi, especially the development of smartphones, as long as the connection to WiFi, you can not worry about the use of traffic out of range, free internet. In fact, the notebook can be set up as a WiFi hotspot, then how quickly the notebook set WiFi hotspot? Small series summed up the method, here is the simplest way, Win7 and win8 use temporary wireless temporary network to achieve WiFi sharing, but also through the Apwifi software simple and rapid implementation of network sharing.

Tools/raw Materials

Laptops with network adapters or connected networks (Win7 or WIN8 systems)

Apwifi (free wireless WiFi router) version

Win7 Temporary network share

Select "Start", select "Run", then enter "cmd", or use the shortcut key to Win+r, then enter "cmd".

With command prompt input, enter the following command in the interface: Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= username (self input) key= password (self-setting), carriage return runs.

After about a minute, the network connection appears with a wireless network with the name "Microsoft Virtual WIFI Miniport Adapter" renamed to WIFI.

Click "Local Area Connection", right-click the network connection that is already connected to the Internet, right-click Select "Properties"-"share", follow the screenshot, select "WiFi" in the home network connection in the second column.

After you are sure, the Internet connection that you can use displays "sharing" to indicate that you are ready to use.

Now you can use the wireless network on your mobile phone, turn on the wireless networks, enter at the command prompt: Netsh wlan start hostednetwork, turn off the wireless network, enter: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork set up, search the username you set, Enter the password to use.

If there is an error when Internet Connection Sharing access is enabled in the process of setting up a wireless network, just open the service and find Windows Firewall, the Firewall service, right-click the service and set the startup mode to Automatic.

Win8 Temporary network share

Search for "cmd" in the application and select the command instruction (admin);

Enable and set the virtual WiFi network card, run the command:

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow Ssid=cai key=12345678

This command has three parameters,

Mode: Enable virtual WiFi network card (disallow) and disable it instead.

SSID: Wireless network name, preferably in English (for example, Pconline).

Key: Wireless network password, more than eight characters (in 12345678 for example).

Upon successful opening, a wireless connection of "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" 2 or Wi-Fi 2 is created in the network connection. If not, just update the wireless network card driver can be.

To open a wireless network: Continue to run at the command prompt: netsh wlan start hostednetwork

(You can turn off the wireless network by changing start to stop, and you can only run this command again after you turn on the wireless network.)

The WiFi hotspot has been assembled and the host is set up. Other devices with WiFi modules can search the wireless network cai, enter the password 12345678, you can share the internet!

Set up WiFi hotspots using the Apwifi software

Download and open Apwifi, generally do not need to upgrade.

The following settings, the first name, password set themselves.

Click to open it is done, is it simple?

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