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To store more than 4GB files, you can split the file into several small files, but this is very troublesome, after the query data found that if the hard disk format is FAT32, will not be able to store more than 4GB of a single file, you must convert the partition format to NTFS. If you use Windows's own formatting tool to transform the format, at this point, the data in the mobile hard disk will all be lost, so before formatting, you must do a good job of data backup, and in order to improve formatting efficiency, it is recommended that the "policy" property of the mobile hard disk be set to "optimize for performance".

Although the PartitionMagic software can be used to transform the format, but this tool in the use of Windows with compatibility issues, such as the conversion of the format of the panic problem, you may want to use the Windows system with the format of the conversion command. Directly into the Windows "DOS command Prompt" operating environment, type the Convert F:/fs:ntfs command (F to move the hard disk letter), press the "Y" key after the carriage return, and then press ENTER, you will begin to convert the NTFS format, after the conversion, you will be prompted to "conversion complete , the mobile hard drive format has become NTFS, and the data inside is still intact.

Similarly, if a storage device such as a flash memory, a memory card, or a single file that has a capacity greater than 4GB, and you want to store more than 4GB, you can also convert to NTFS format as described above.

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