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Laser radar has been used in military field earlier, with the development of technology and the reduction of cost, the application of LiDAR has become more and more popular nowadays, so far the field of robot, unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned driving is becoming an important application field of LiDAR. And the price of laser radar has always been the focus of concern to the industry, the price of imported LIDAR and domestic laser radar prices have a world of difference, the current import laser radar mainstream brand is mainly Velodyne company, and the domestic laser radar supplier mainly to think LAN technology-based, think LAN technology involved in the field of laser radar early, In 2013 Robopeak transformation to think LAN technology, the current laser radar has officially launched Rplider A1 and A2. Below with everyone to understand the next domestic laser radar and imported LIDAR prices and product characteristics bar.

first, the domestic laser radar price

1, slamtec-technology Rplidar A2 LiDAR Price: 3276 yuan/Set

Si LAN Technology laser scanning ranging radar Rplidar A2 core will rotate clockwise to achieve the surrounding environment of the omni-directional scanning ranging detection, so as to obtain the contour map of the surrounding environment.

RPLIDAR A2 Laser Radar uses custom special components, well-designed internal mechanical system to ensure superior performance at the same time, the product thickness of only 4 cm, suitable for all kinds of service robot.

The sampling frequency of LiDAR directly determines whether the robot can quickly and accurately build a map. Si LAN technology has completely improved the internal optics and algorithm system, sampling frequency up to 4,000 times per second, as the industry's low-cost lidar is the highest measurement frequency.

new "Non-contact" drive

Abandon the first generation of the belt drive mode, think LAN technology independent design brushless motor, greatly reduce the mechanical friction, running very smooth, almost no noise.

Optical Magnetic Fusion

Traditional non-solid-state LiDAR uses slip loops to transmit energy and data, but because of the mechanical wear, it has only thousands of hours of continuous working life. Integrated wireless power supply and optical communication technology, we have designed the optical magnetic fusion technology, completely solve the physical contact mechanical wear caused by the failure of electrical connection, the short life of the laser radar.

Long Life

With the help of brushless motor and magneto-optic fusion technology, the RPLIDARA2 can reach more than 5 years of service life with continuous working hours.


Class 1 Laser safety standard

To fully ensure the safety of products for humans and pets, RPLIDARA2 uses low-power infrared lasers as emission light sources, and uses modulation pulse mode to drive, the laser only in very short time to carry out the action, in line with the Classi laser safety standards, to reach the human eye safety level.


rpvision 2.0 high-speed vision ranging engine

RPLIDAR A2 uses laser triangulation technology, coupled with the independent research and development of the RPVision2.0 high-speed vision ranging engine, can be up to 4,000 times per second ranging action, and in the long-distance work also excellent performance.

Application Situations

Robot synchronization location and map construction (SLAM)

RPLIDAR is the most ideal sensor for the application of Slam algorithm, which has the characteristics of high precision and high performance.

environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction

By emitting a laser to scan the analyte, directly obtain high-precision scanning point cloud data, can obtain the measured object surface three-dimensional coordinates, the real world to effectively three-dimensional modeling and virtual reproduction.

obstacle detection and avoidance of security

By using LIDAR data fusion, obstacle detection can be accomplished, and with vision technology, LIDAR can locate intruders, track and control, and provide more economical and reliable security solutions.

multi-touch and human-computer interaction

Compared to traditional technology, the use of infrared laser equipment can achieve large-screen multi-touch, faster response, higher accuracy, anti-ambient light capability.


supporting robot autonomous positioning and navigation solutions

RPLIDAR A2 as the core sensor, can quickly obtain environmental contour information, with the use of the Slamware technology, can help the robot to build maps, real-time path planning and automatically avoid obstacles.

2, slamtec-technology RPLIDAR-A1 LiDAR Price: 1053 yuan/Set

RPLIDAR A1 Laser Radar uses laser triangulation technology, with independent research and development of high-speed vision acquisition and processing mechanism, can carry out more than 2000 times per second ranging action.  degree scanning, 5.5 Hz adaptive Scanning frequency, 2000 times per second of laser ranging, no less than 6m ranging range, measuring the resolution of the range 0.1%.


second, the import of laser radar price

1, velodynehdl-64e lidar Price: 115000 yuan/Taiwan (equivalent to RMB: 782000 yuan/set)

Velodyne company HDL-64E LiDAR compared to previous versions of the design, improve the accuracy and update rate. Applicable to autonomous navigation, mobile measurement, aviation measurement, security, monitoring, 3D mobile data acquisition and mapping applications and other fields.

HDL-64E uses innovative laser array technology to compare other navigation and drawing sensors, and the system can achieve a vertical field of view from +2° to -24.8°. Its horizontal field of view is 360°, the longitudinal field of view is 26.8°,5-15 Hz selectable frame rate, output 130W pixels per second, hdl-64e can provide reliable remote sensing data. Patented rotating head design for continuous rotation in the horizontal 360° angle of view. It can output up to 1.333 measuring points per second and can measure up to 120m.

2, velodynehdl-32e LiDAR Price: 68000 USD/Set (equivalent to RMB: 462400 yuan/set)

The hdl-32e LIDAR sensor has a smaller, lighter, rugged structure with 32 lasers and a longitudinal field of view 40°. The hdl-32e height of 5.7 ", diameter 3.4", weighs less than 2 kg, suitable for the growing demand for real autonomous navigation, 3D mobile mapping and LIDAR-related applications.

HDL-32E's innovative laser array allows the system to observe more information than other LIDAR sensors. 32 laser sets can be +10° to -30° angle adjustment, can provide excellent vertical field of view, more patented rotary head design, horizontal field of view up to 360 °. The hdl-32e can output 700000 pixels per second, measuring range up to 70m, and the general accuracy is up to +/-2cm.

3, VelodyneVLP-16 LiDAR Price: 13800 USD/Set (equivalent to RMB: 93840 yuan/set)

The VLP-16 lidar measures distances of more than 100 meters and is planned to reach a radius of 150-200 meters. Low power consumption (<10w), light weight (approx. 600 g), compact (approx. 100mmx100mmx65mm), its dual-return option (reversible or clockwise rotation) makes it ideal for drones. Velodyne's VLP-16 supports 16 channels, 300,000 three-dimensional point cloud data per second, horizontal field of view 360°, vertical field of view 30°, up and down ±15°. The VLP-16 has no visible external rotating parts (rotating parts inside), making it highly adaptable in challenging environments.

Compared with foreign countries, there is a big gap in multi-line lidar, but the LiDAR used in service robots and sweeping robots is not very different. Domestic laser radar products are used in service robots, topographic mapping, building surveying and other fields, has not yet developed for Adas and unmanned system of 3D LiDAR products. However, with the wave of smart cars from abroad to the domestic, to think haze, radium God, Superstar and so on behalf of a number of domestic enterprises have also begun to try to enter the automotive laser radar this new industry.

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