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Many people say that portrait photography is more difficult, this is true, compared to the landscape, portrait needs to consider the model's expression, posture, model and background coordination, overall tone and so on.

But in this direction to carefully think about it, in fact, portrait photography is not difficult, photos of good-looking and bad look, is only related to two points, models and backgrounds. Of course, what I am talking about here is just "sugar syrup" good-looking, the portrait photography that integrates the photographer thought needs to consider more, also deeper, is not I can say clearly here, also is not my level can share to everybody.

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Speaking of "model", I am afraid many people will appear in the mind of a standard publicity: good-looking = beautiful sister, beautiful sister Nature can let your portrait photography bonus points, but this is not the impact of your work fast key!

Looking at portraits of the Masters, many of the models may not be the type of sweet, but the masters are still their "beauty" show out, so that beauty is not the key to find a beautiful temperament is the key.

Everyone has a beautiful side, at the same time everyone has a style that suits her, not all of us have to dream of "sugar tablets" to find models suitable style, your portrait photography has succeeded half.

Then is the "background", this aspect needs a good choice, photography has an old saying: photography is subtraction, meaning is to highlight your subject, so that other things as simple as possible, or the formation of laws and the main body.

And portrait of this is more important, but there are many ways to solve, when the background chaos when many people like to use: the background of virtual.

Background blur is a good thing, is also the most easy to effect the method, the long focal length plus the big aperture can let the main body all is fictitious, thus obtains the clean neat picture, but this also is not to say can not pay attention to the background choice, and shoots the scenery, even if is as the foil background, Also need you to constantly change the seat to find the most suitable place, or even go to search. After all, the role of the virtual is to empty the background of clutter, into a large area of "color", this time the requirements of the background, the background of the color, you said that the overall tone of the show, is the dream of pink? or the green of youth? or a proud purple? Need to look for a good background to decide.


The film's filming time was around 4 in the afternoon, plus there was some cloudy overcast, and the sun was not strong enough for portrait photography.

This film is characterized by ultra-low shooting, when I put the camera on the lawn, because there is no right angle viewfinder, it opened the screen, the screen to adjust the composition of the picture.

Ultra-low shooting belongs to the rarely used seats, and this kind of flight is like aerial photograph, it is the view that people seldom see at ordinary times, more can let the photograph produce impact and visual effect, and this photograph, the blur of the grass of near distance gives photograph a more dreamy foreground, this is also I want effect.

I put the model in the lower right corner, and the theme model's face is right in the upper right-hand corner, it is just one of the four intersections of the three-point method, while the model's face to the left, coupled with the formation of arcs behind the fence, will guide the past, so the left although there is no body, but also can make the whole picture appear balanced.

Color is also the key, the entire photo has only three big color: grass and trees green, model blue and fence white, where green and blue are similar color, but the color of the main body of the model is just slightly prominent, and white is a harmonic color, the whole picture of the color is not messy, appears clean and concise, This is also the key point of portrait photography.

parameter settings, because the daytime light enough, do not need to worry about the shutter problem, I set the minimum "iso:100" to ensure the quality of the picture.

I set in the focal length of 80mm, this focal segment should be very suitable for portrait of a focal segment, the portrait distortion less, at the same time can ensure sufficient focal length to bring the virtual effect.

To make the background more virtual, I set the aperture at F3.5, when the lens used was Nikon Gang 80-200 F2.8, although can open to 2.8 of the big aperture to get a better background of the virtual effect, but because the quality of the lens, the maximum aperture is not the best imaging quality, the screen will appear some meat, and reduce the 2-3-stop aperture can achieve better imaging quality.

The shutter uses central weight metering to focus on the model's face to ensure that the most important model faces are accurately exposed.

Post adjustment

1, the first step is still in accordance with my habit, even if the portrait is no exception, the natural saturation of +29, so that the color of the screen become more vivid, remove the original pieces of those who feel gray.

2, and then feel the whole screen slightly have some exposure, then adjust exposed-0.4, reduce some brightness.

3, adjust the contrast +23, so that the screen to enhance the contrast, more to remove the gray feeling of the picture, because now the tolerance of CMOS more and more high, the film will inevitably be the overall hair gray, which needs to be adjusted to increase the effect of contrast.

4, adjust to here can be seen, the white part of the fence on the left because of the contrast, the details have disappeared, so then adjust the high light-48, find this part of the details.

5, adjust shadow +16, find out the details of dark hair.

6, adjust the white +47, brighten the entire screen, add some "sugar syrup" slightly exposed feeling.

7, adjust the black-33, because the previous step of the light, so that some do not need to highlight the dark part of the light, and then in this step down. In fact, these two steps can be counted as an increase in contrast effect, but use these two steps to adjust the way you can lose less detail.

8, then in order to make the picture more dreamy, then adjust the definition-8, add some sense of virtual Coke.

9, finally in order to make the overall effect more interesting, adjust the hue +11, to add to the entire picture does not exist in the purple.

Camera Raw part of the adjustment completed, into the PS continue to adjust. Category:

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