Latest mysql5.7.12 Win64 Installation and configuration

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1 go to MySQL website download, address:

Select Downloads-------Community

Select MySQL Community server on the left

Download Win64 compressed version of Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive

Click Download to enter the download page at the bottom of the page select

No Thanks, just start my download.

And then you've started to download the

After downloading, unzip to the place where you installed

2 Adding environment variables

Add XX disk after path:/xx directory/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/bin

3 mysql-5.7.12-winx64 directory under the new My.ini configuration file (you can also directly copy the My-default file and then rename), open the My.ini file, which writes the following content (specific path, whichever is your own)

# for advice The change settings see# server-configuration-defaults.html# * * * does not EDIT the this FILE.  It's a template which'll be copied to the# * * * default location during install, and would be replaced if you# * * * Upgrade To a newer version of MySQL. [Client]default-character-set=utf8[mysqld]port=3306basedir  = "d:/software/web/mysql/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/" DataDir  = "d:/software/web/mysql/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/data/" tmpdir   = "d:/software/web/mysql/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/data/" Socket   = "d:/software/web/mysql/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/data/mysql.sock" log-error= "d:/software/web/mysql/ Mysql-5.7.12-winx64/data/mysql_error.log "  #server_id = 2#skip-locking max_connections=100table_open_ cache=256query_cache_size=1m tmp_table_size=32mthread_cache_size=8 innodb_data_home_dir= "d:/software/web/ mysql/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/data/"Innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit =1innodb_log_buffer_size=128minnodb_buffer_pool_ Size=128minnodb_log_file_size=10minnodb_thread_concUrrency=16innodb-autoextend-increment=1000join_buffer_size = 128msort_buffer_size = 32Mread_rnd_buffer_size = 32Mmax _allowed_packet = 32mexplicit_defaults_for_timestamp=truesql-mode= "Strict_trans_tables,no_auto_create_user,no_ Engine_substitution "#sql_mode =no_engine_substitution,strict_trans_tables

4 cmd enters the command prompt as an administrator

CD entry mysql- 5.7 . A under the-winx64\bin directory

input : mysqld--initialize will automatically add the data directory

input : mysqld Install MySQL--defaults-file= " d:/xx Directory/mysql-5.7.12-winx64/my.ini "The specific path is written according to your own (if the hint has already been entered mysqld remove and then execute the above command)

Input: net start MySQL is ready to start.

MySQL default password is empty Oh, you can set your own MySQL password

Add the command to change the password:

After entering Mydql>

Input Mysql>use MySQL

mysql> Update user Set Authentication_string=password (' 123456 ')where user= ' root ';

mysql> flush Privileges;
Mysql> quit

Once again, you can use your own password.

Latest mysql5.7.12 Win64 Installation and configuration

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