Latest tutorial on decrypting and encrypting DAT files

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Today, I spent a whole day working to learn how to decrypt and solve Garbled text ,~~ Now take the latest official chargrp-fc.dat files for decryption and decoding provides the following explanation:

1, first prepare the following tools: l2encdec, l2asm-disasm

2. Use the l2encdec tool to put it in the L2 system directory to parcher again. (You cannot crawl your posts by yourself ~)

3. Click "start" --> "run" And Enter cmd to open the DOS window. For example, if c: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator> appears, copy the chargrp-fcfile and l2encdec.exe file under the systemdirectory to C: \ Documents and Settings \ administrtor directory, name the chargrp-fc.dat chargrp. dat.

4. input the l2encdec-s chargrp. dat dec-chargrp.dat in DOS, so a dec-chargrp.dat appears in c: \ events and Settings \ administrtor to complete the decryption of the first step.

5, because now the official in dat garbled, so also need l2asm-disasm tools to complete decoding, first decompress the downloaded l2asm-disasm in c: \ Documents ents and Settings \ administrtor, run cmd ..

Execute l2disasm.exe-D interlude \ chargrp under 6. DDF-e new_chargrp.ddf dec-chargrp.dat chargrp.txt ..)

7. Obtain the new_chargrp.ddf and chargrp.txt files from the previous step ..

Then you can make the necessary changes in chargrp.txt and save the changes.

9. Then open dos and execute garbled characters to restore l2asm.exe-D new_chargrp.ddf chargrp.txt l2asm_chargrp.dat

10, then perform 413 encryption l2encdec-H 413 l2asm_chargrp.dat chargrp-fc.dat

11, complete, the final chargrp-fc.dat is can be directly covered in the system directory of Day 2

12, in addition to chargrp-Fc can be changed, but also can change other dat, such as armorgrp-fc.dat (I have learned to change the equipment model directly through this ^)

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