Latest WINDOWS8 Activation Code (Official edition \ Professional Edition)

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WIN8 official version Activation code

Windows 8 pro,windows 8 Enterprise Edition God key:
Description: Activates the backup activation information so that it can be reactivated again after the system is installed.

Backup: 1. Activate key. folder (C:windowssystem32sppstore)
Restore: 1. Run the command prompt as an administrator, and use the command SLMGR-IPK xxxxx to import the key.

2. Cover Store folder. The activation status can be restored.

WIN8 Professional Edition activation Code

The following key was recently collected online, can not be activated online, please use the phone to activate, good luck!
Windows 8 Pro Retail Edition key:

2GVN8-TV3C2-K3YM7-MMRVM-BBFDH Professional
4NMMK-QJH7K-F38H2-FQJ24-2J8XV Professional
76ndp-pd4jt-6q4jv-hcdkt-p7f9v Professional
7hbx7-n6wk2-pf9hy-qvd2m-jk49v Professional
84nrv-6cjr6-dbdxh-fytbf-4x49v Professional
967n4-r7kxm-cjkjb-bhgcw-cpkt7 Professional
BDDNV-BQ27P-9P9JJ-BQJ96-KTJXV Professional
Cdqnd-9x68r-rrfyh-8g28w-82kt7 Professional
Dwv49-3gn3q-4xmt7-qr9fq-kkt67 Professional
f2m4v-kfnb7-9vvtw-mvrbq-bg667 Professional
F8X33-CNV3F-RH7MY-C73YT-XP73H Professional
gptcc-xn297-pvgy7-j8fqy-jk49v Professional
HV3TW-MMNBG-X99YX-XV8TJ-2GV3H Professional
J6fw2-hqnpj-hbb6h-k9vty-2pkt7 Professional
Kqwnf-xpmxp-hdk3m-gbv69-y7rdh Professional

Win8 How to activate

1. In the Win7 and previous versions of XP, we typically right-click on the "My Computer" selection properties to enter the computer information interface to start activating the program, but this situation has changed in Win8. Now we need to move the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen or to the top right corner to exhale the charm bar, then select "Set", and then we can see the "Computer Information" option.

3. At the bottom of the "Computer Information" interface, if the system is not activated will be prompted to activate the button, the next is very simple, click in, the product serial number fill in the input box and activate. If the serial number is legitimate, the system will formally activate your WIN8 after a short network verification.

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