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1. I have always been upset when I went to school. When I was a freshman, I learned to study myself for the first time. I sat down in the classroom and ran to the aisle to smoke. Just lit the smoke for a while, a PL girl came and asked me, "I'm going to study now! How did you run out ?" I said, bored, smoke, mm, which class do you belong? Why. Plmm pointed to our classroom and said, that class! I was so excited that we had a class? Why are you depressed? She said: Well, a freshman in our class ran out of study and I came out to find him. Smile, it seems that you still can't sit down. What are you looking for? You're not a fucking man! MM: No way. I'm his class teacher! I was blinded at that time ...... One minute later, I came up with a comment: Teacher, you look really young ......
2. I went to eat KFC yesterday. It was like a couple behind me. They watched them order a lot of food and sat down next to me. After sitting down, the girl began to bury her head and eat it as though she had been hungry for several days, while the boy was eating French fries one by one. Suddenly, the boy put down his fries and went forward and asked, "qingqing, can I catch you ?" The girl's head is not lifted, and she directly says, "No !" The boy asked, "isn't it possible ?" The girl simply said, "Not at all !" The boy looked at her and stayed there ...... At that time, the girl had a chicken leg and a hamburger in one hand. She thought the boy was watching her, so she paused and looked at the boy with a poor look. Then she whispered, "that ...... Can I still eat it ?" People, including me, laughed and said, "Eat, eat ......" This mm is so cute ...... If I don't want to catch up, I must catch up ...... Desperate pursuit !!!!
3. A brother went to the toilet. As a result, he accidentally went to the female toilet. after entering the toilet, he found that there was no restroom. Fortunately, there was no one in. Then he walked out without any trouble. When the door was opened, a mm came in, and then mm and him face each other, with a red face and a low head, turned and drilled into the men's toilet...
4. There were too many people in the bus one day, so it was very hot. I was so bored that I don't know who put a fart. This is a worse environment. My friends can't stand it, but they don't know who it is. The conductor is asking, "Who didn't buy a ticket ?" My friend suddenly gave birth to a plan and said, "I didn't buy a ticket for farting !" Suddenly, a very fat woman raised her hand and shouted, "I have already bought a ticket ."
5. It is very serious to lose a bicycle in school. The new car won't be lost in the twinkling of an eye, but sometimes the lost bicycle will come out in a few days. One day, Xiaojing bought a new transmission car in the same dormitory, and she said to everyone: "I got the latest lock! "The next day, Xiaojing went back to study at night. He looked down and pinched a piece of paper with the words: Don't be a master here. I borrowed the car, return to you in a few days! In a few days, the thief actually returned the car. Xiao Jing was very happy, but she worried that the car was "borrowed" again. I bought ten big locks, bound my car to a big lock, and added a piece of paper to the thief: How can you "borrow "! When Xiaojing went downstairs the next morning, he found that there were five more locks in the car, and there was a piece of paper locked: How do you ride!
6. Children are simple ...... When I was in junior high school, a boy wanted to copy a girl's homework. For fear that someone else could not agree, he turned out a sanitary napkin while she was out of the classroom. He said with surprise: "Wow! A Big Band-Aid !"
7. This incident happened when I was in middle school. Today, it is absolutely amazing. It was an English lesson. The teacher told us to use "How ......" At that time, there were "How are you, how do you do, and so on." The question is that when everyone brainstorm for answers, I only want to hear a sentence from the back-end renxiong, "How are you using root ~~~~~~~~~ "(I believe all the friends who have played 'street bar' know what it means) the whole class of boys immediately smiled, and girls and teachers were inexplicably watching this sudden scene of airsickness ~~~
8. When I was in middle school, I invited everyone to dinner at his house ...... A lot of dishes. At the dinner table, his mom stood up and politely said to everyone, "You must have enough to eat. Don't be polite, let alone waste it. Now I have moved to a new house. It's a pity that I didn't raise pigs at home.
H king and his friends entered a high-end shopping mall. After entering the store, I took two steps. It was strange that my friend suddenly saw him skating on the smooth marble floor. Asked him, while he continued to slide, he pointed to the sign next to him and seriously said, "now that we are here, we must abide by the rules here ." The sign says: "smooth ".
10. A leader went to the countryside for a census and asked an old farmer: Do you know why close relatives cannot get married? The old farmer smiled and replied, "hehao, hehao, the relationship is too familiar.
11. A new building of a university falls into a sculpture: a young girl holds a book in her left hand, and the right hand is high. A pigeon symbolizes harmony. The school's grandfather asked all students for names. As a result, many people's slogans coincide-reading the top bird!
12. In a literary examination, there was such a question: Shakespeare (the title of Shakespeare), who answered in this way: Shakespeare, a strange bird.
13. when I was in elementary school, there was a text called waterfall. In the middle, I said that the author turned to a mountain and saw a waterfall hanging down between the mountains. One of my female students also read aloud: I was shocked when I turned around the mountain. A rag was hanging on the mountain. The class was stunned.
14. A brother gets constipation and cannot be as good as he is in the toilet for a long time. When he tries his best, he enters the toilet like a buddy and enters the position next to him, as soon as I got in, there was a storm, and the elder brother said to the elder brother with envy: the elder brother envy you so much. The elder brother said: envy, pants have not been taken off yet ~~
15. For my friend's birthday, I will bring my youngest son. After dinner, everyone went to karaoke, and the younger son volunteered to sing for the main character. Applause. I sang a song for my uncle. The crowd. I looked back at the screen and prayed.
16. I just bought a house and was excited. I called my buddy: "I have bought a house, but I have to renovate the House (forget to say" ." The buddy said, "Is there only one toilet? Where do you live ?"

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