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MP-LABS is a suite
Numerical simulation tools for Multiphase flows based on the free
(LBM). The Code allows for the simulation of quasi-incompressible
Two-phase flows, and uses multiphase models that allow for large
Density ratios. MP-LABS provides implementations that use periodic
Boundary conditions, but it is written in a way that allows
Easy transition sion of different boundary conditions. The output from
MP-LABS is in plain ASCII and VTK format, and can be analyzed using
Other open source tools such as gnuplot and

The objective
The MP-LABS project is to provide a core set of routines that
Are well known ented, highly portable, and have proven to perform
Well in a variety of systems. The source code is written in FORTRAN
90 and MPI and uses separate subroutines for most tasks in order
Make modifications easier.



... A library

  • The code is in C ++ and can be used to simulate physical
    Phenomena, with emphasis on fluids.
  • The kernel is based on a variety of Lattice

  • The source code is modular and can easily be extended
    Application programmers.

... A framework
For High Performance Computing

  • The library is optimized for single processor performance.
  • Efficient parallconfiguration is achieved through the MPI
    Extension. good scalability

    Thousands of cores, and code efficiency up to several billion site updates per

    In 3D applications have been measured.
  • Memory optimizations are accessible in case of irregular domain

... A community

  • The source code is free and can be used under the terms of
    GNU General Public License V.2 (gpl2 ).
  • Developers from different countries are currently
    Participating, and new contributions are welcome.

... And

  • Full serial and parallel Checkpointing is supported
    Interrupted program executions.
  • Output of the data in VTK format allows visualization and Data
    Analysis with external tools like paraview.
  • As the library is based on simple concepts, it is appropriate
    As a teaching support for courses on CFD


Lualb is
Open-source parallconfigurable
Computational Fluid Dynamics with Lua Scripting

El 'beem

El 'beem is
Free Surface Fluid Simulation library based on
Method target
At physically based animation for Computer


Sunlightlb is
An open-source 3D
Code which can
Be used to solve a variety of hydrodynamics problems, including
Passive scalar transport problems.


CFD package for the simulation of single phase flows. It includes des
Models for Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of Turbulent Flows, heat
Transport and Magnetohydrodynamics

7 Babin and holyst's Lattice Boltzmann
Simulations and code


8 basic Lattice-Boltzmann (LB) Matlab code

Http:// Objectid = 6904 & objecttype = File


9 example codes for lattice Boltzmann


10 free Lattice Boltzmann code 'anb'

11 J-Lattice-Boltzmann v0.92










Here are additional information I have found on the Wiki.


  • Powerflow
    : Descricial CFD code which uses LBM, created and distributed by exa Corp.
  • El 'beem
    : Free CFD code (GPL) which uses LBM
  • J-Lattice-Boltzmann
    : Interactive Java applet for experimenting with LBM
  • C examples
    : Some simple example LBM code in C.
  • Palabos
    : Open Source Lattice Boltzmann code
External links
    : A site with various resources related to LBM, including a forum.
  • LBM Method
  • Lattice Boltzmann Summary
  • Lattice Boltzmann mailing list
  • Website
    Of the annual dsfd conference series (1986 -- Now) at which the theory
    And Application the Lattice Boltzmann method is discussed
  • Website of the annual icmmes Conference on Lattice Boltzmann Methods and Their Applications
Further reading
  • Succi, sauro (2001 ).The lattice Boltzmann equation for fluid dynamics and beyond
    . Oxford University Press
    . ISBN
  • Wolf-gladrow, Dieter (2000 ).Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann Models
    . Springer Verlag
    . ISBN
  • Sukop, Michael C. And Daniel T. Thorne, Jr. (1, 2007 ).Lattice Boltzmann modeling: an introduction for geoscientists and engineers
    . Springer
    . ISBN
  • Jian Guo Zhou (2004 ).Lattice Boltzmann methods for shallow water flows
    . Springer
    . ISBN




The following is transferred from here

Http:// /~ Sukopm/lbm_links.html

Prof. dr. Dieter Wolf-gladrow

AWI: lattice-Gas Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann models-An Introduction (book)

Li-shi Luo

Sauro succi

Irina Ginzburg

Institute for computational modeling in Civil Engineering-Technical University of Braunschweig

Oxford theoretical physics,
Statistical Mechanics, soft condensed matter, and mesoscale simulations of complex fluids, Julia YEOMANS

John Abraham, School of mechanical engineering, Maurice J. zucrow laboratories, Purdue University

NIST electronic Monograph

Computational Science is one of the research groups in the computing,
System architecture and programming Laboratory (CSP) of the University
Of Amsterdam

Dongxiao Zhang

Qinjun Kang

Markus hilpert

Scientific and Parallel Computing Group, University of Geneva

Jonas lätt

Openlb Project

& Nbspinformation on Lattice Boltzmann and discussion forum

Lattice Boltzmann methods in
Interfacial Wave Modelling
James Maxwell Buick
Doctor of Philosophy
The University of Edinburgh

Soft condensed matter and statistical physics, Department of Physics, University of jyv ~kyl, Finland

<--! ?????

Insitute of Fluid
Mechanics (lehrstuhl F has str has ungsmechanic Ik, lstm) Chemical and
Bioengineering Department, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
(Includes links to the most widely read Lattice Boltzmann mailing list .)


Basic Lattice-Boltzmann (LB) Matlab code

Harlan stockman

Alexander Wagner's

"A Practical Introduction to the Lattice Boltzmann method"

Example codes for lattice Boltzmann; Alexander Wagner

Tony Ladd
Protocol sor: Chemical Engineering
University of Florida

Nils th keys ey's beautiful animations

And code

Frederik Verhaeghe

Michael M. Dupin


Ruud van der sman, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Wageningen University Short Course, October 2006


Laboratory of fuel cell and transport phenomena, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

J branch g bernsdof, C & C research laboratories, NEC Europe Ltd. (anb LBM code)

Iain Haslam (matlab lbm code)

Jessica Chau, civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut

Babin and holyst's Lattice Boltzmann simulations and code, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Emy of Sciences

Thomas-Pohl's lid-drive cavity Java Applet




There are also


Simple, yet simplistic, lattice Boltzmann (LB) MATLAB
Implementation. d2h9, BGK, Omega = 1, laminar flow in a 2D channel used
As benchmark. Requires Image Processing Toolbox.

The code is not optimized for memory nor for speed, I. e. Not
Efficient at all. However, it is better than almost nothing (I. e.
Present MATLAB situation at Feb 2005? As far as I know)

Optimization for memory shocould consider only dry locations.

Other free lb (Fortran, C, and CPP) codes are available:

See the ANB. f code at
Or the S. succi code available from

See also d2q9poi. F from Dieter Wolf-gladrow and

Written by Kraft and Schultz T

See also the translation into C of the original succi fortan code

See also lb2d. m (by youngseuk keehm)


For LB benchmarking see:

Http:// /~ Sloot/CSS/bgk_handin.pdf

And page 190-192 in: lattice-Gas Cellular Automata and Lattice
Boltzmann models: An Introduction/Dieter A. Wolf-gladrow.-. ISBN:

This code is written to be readable by the most, optimisation makes
It less readable. It is mean to be of some help to Students tackling lb
For the first time. As usual no guarantee of bug free or proper
Functioning. In the hope that some of the latest LB developers will make
Soon something better available to the MATLAB community? Possibly 3D,
Possibly multi-phase/multi-component.

Suggestions: rather than rating, please-makes available a better
Code than this, it is an easier task. The user shocould not be surprise
By encountering instability by changing the parameters without
Precise rational. I suggest reading the references that benchmark
Lb bkg and follow the given examples in order to get a feeling of
Sensitivity of the Code to the different variables.


Http:// I .w.haslam/Misc/Code/lbm.html

Http:// getting started



Http:// Q = El % 27 beem + for + Win32 & btng = Google + % E6 % 90% 9C % E7 % B4 % A2 & HL = ZH-CN & client = Firefox-A & RLS = org. mozilla % 3azh-cn % 3 aOfficial & newwindow = 1 & SA = 2


Http: // Q = cache: pzgkdm3z5ycj: Large

Http:// /~ Sinithue/blender/wikimirror/wikibu060815_devel.html







Http:// /~ Thuereyn/3 open source code, one of which is the simplest demo of LBM
Realtime physics
There are several ppteth:
The turbulence using artificial boundary layers.
] Wavelet Turbulence
] Simulating smoke and water in computer graphics
There are some entry-level teaching materials and links

Real-time particle-based Fluid Simulation
A project in Japan

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