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"Lean Entrepreneurship" is a very good entrepreneurial management book, the book through the author's personal experience in the entrepreneurial process of each need to pay attention to the place, based on the past many management and product development concepts, including lean manufacturing, design thinking, customer development and agile development. It represents a new method of continuous innovation, called "Lean Entrepreneurship".
The five principles that lean entrepreneurship needs to understand:
1, entrepreneurs everywhere: In the case of uncertainty, with the development of new products and services for the purpose of the establishment of institutions, are new ventures. (Personal and business)
2, entrepreneurship is management: The new enterprise not only represents a product (the advent of), but also an institutional system, so it needs a new way of management, especially to be able to deal with the situation of extreme uncertainty. (The traditional management method is not necessarily completely applicable in the newly-created enterprise, need to open innovative management mode)
3. Proven cognition: The emergence of new ventures is not just about creating products, serving customers, earning money, but also learning how to build a sustainable business. (Verified by frequent experiments)

4. Development-Measurement-cognition: The basic activity of a new venture is to turn ideas into products, measure customer feedback, and then realize that the process steps that should change or stick to all successful new ventures should be aimed at accelerating this feedback cycle.
5, Innovation Accounting: In order to improve entrepreneurial results, and let innovators take responsibility, we need to focus on the tedious details, how to measure progress, how to determine the phased goals, and how to prioritize the work. This requires a new set of accounting systems for the new ventures, which will allow everyone to take responsibility.
Lean thought more and more by the enterprise and the team's favorite, is to eliminate waste to save costs, only to provide benefits to customers, in addition to anything else is a waste.
Entrepreneurship is divided into three stages, the first stage is to change ideas into products, the most streamlined products embody the core value, the second stage of further market segmentation, in-depth product focus, the formation of the core product value recognition; The third stage is based on the user base, in-depth understanding of the market and rapid response, expand love and speed, Form a product belief.
In the case of high uncertainty of market and demand, we should use the smallest feasible prototype product to verify the product and requirement. One of the most important ideas is to make assumptions and to validate assumptions with minimal cost. This process can be early in the start-up, or it can be a mature enterprise to develop new business, even in the personal life. In the verification process, it is necessary to emphasize that the facts are judged by quantifiable data, rather than by vague subjective judgments. In particular, it should be noted that the measured indicators should be clear, relevant to the facts, rather than vague, with multiple interpretations, or closely related to the lack of specific facts. After the test, according to the indicator facts, determine the direction of adjustment, and even transformation.
Combined with themselves, in doing so many projects why many will fail, ask us to really understand the user wants the product? Have to come up with the smallest possible prototype product to verify it? Do you have to communicate with customers and listen to feedback? How many of the project members have this requirement? Do you want to use the product you have developed? Usually it's the brain that is hot to do a product to invest a lot of human and material resources, often make things with their expectations are too big. Everyone in the company's own responsibilities, product and development is independent, perhaps understand a little development of product managers will come up with better products, understand a little product development that developed products will pay more attention to user experience, although what is focused on the anti-Seoul what is not fine, But if you can understand a little bit perhaps with more tacit understanding to make things will be more perfect, know each other, victorious.
Do a project build team before development, ask the Team 4 questions: 1. Does the customer agree that the problem you are solving is the problem they are facing? 2. If there is a problem-solving method, will the customer pay for it? 3. Will they buy from us? 4. Can we develop a solution to the problem? In the early days of project validation, it was recommended to use small batches to advance daily production and define a clear growth model. Production still needs to be measured with very clear metrics, using 5 of why to dig and solve problems in depth, uncover requirements and keep innovating the project.
Stay in the last words
Finally say that because recently in the project time is not much plus this book is foreign literature, reading more blunt there are some can not understand, sometimes read the next chapter forgot on the article, read a page back to God to find not know what to say, many views have not been recorded, If the time is abundant must be serious aftertaste again, after all, is a classic masterpiece.

Lean Entrepreneurship Notes

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