Lean Hp-socket 3.4.3 Support Library (high performance TCP/UDP communication components) pre-support SSL

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Easy Language Demo in directory Hp-socket\demo

Hpsocket is a free high-performance communication components, after I test, it is worth recommending to everyone ...

(Hpsocket's author attaches great importance to the user of easy language, the support of easy language has also done a conscientious, not only provides the support of the DLL and also provides the easy language support library, moved ~ ~ ~)

Hp-socket is a general-purpose, high-performance TCP/UDP communication framework that includes server-side components, client components, and agent components for TCP/UDP communication systems in a wide variety of applications. Hp-socket completely encapsulates the communication layer, and the application does not have to focus on any details of the communication layer.

In order to enable users to quickly learn and use Hp-socket, quickly grasp the framework of design ideas and use of methods, we have carefully crafted a large number of Demo samples (such as: PUSH model example, pull model example, PACK model example, performance test examples and other programming language examples). Hp-socket is currently running on the Windows platform and will implement cross-platform support in the future.


Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gfHIOnh Password: 6YSW

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