Learn memcached:1 basic configuration and installation

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Today to memcached just learn to write in the blog, lest you forget later.

1. First download the memcached database service file, this is the memcached file I downloaded.

2. Start the exe next. Usually I need to say this memacached.exe registered as a service, you can also double-click to execute the EXE, but by double-clicking on the name window interface, after the shutdown, also did not stop. Registration as a service will not.

This service is installed by the command line below. First open the command line interface via CMD:

Then install this EXE:

This time we were able to install it. Enter the CLS command to go to the connection interface.

This place has prompted us to fail the connection. The reason is that we just installed the service is not open, we will open it.

Here is a description of the 4 parameters: Add T1 0 0 5 12345

Key is used to find the cached key, memcached is stored as key-value.

Flag is information other than the stored value

Expriation Time Expiration

Bytes The byte point at which the cache is re-stored.

Value to store. (to start another line)

Here memcached installation configuration operation I end, next I will record how to apply memcahed in the project

Learn memcached:1 basic configuration and installation

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