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Rosetta activity

I did an English snapshot this afternoon, and the first time I did it, there were many problems.


1, camera problem. The past half of the time to remember that there is no camera, so we have wasted 5 minutes on the video camera time, but also a pity that everyone is waiting, so because of my negligence, wasted bill and everyone's time.

2, computer sound problem. When playing the game, we can not hear the sound, some words sound very small, some just, leading to play a lot of people do not hear the impact of the enthusiasm of everyone. Two points of thinking is not comprehensive, or do not mind, do not pay special attention to these details, the next must think comprehensively, seriously.

This Rosetta snapshot thanks to Bill Shige for his support, thanks to the active participation of my dear friends and give me a chance to exercise ...

lifelong Growth

After the snapshot, Bill Shige to sit around and talk to us. Here's a topic about "how to ask questions."

No matter with the team or study together, or individual learning, found the problem why not in time to speak out. We have been discussing this issue for a long time, and here is the summary of what each student said about why there was such an emotion.

1, I follow the team go on the good, how to organize I will follow the study

2, in the team to maintain the same way to travel, I suddenly become abrupt is not very bad, let people disgusted

3, as well as the learner's angle and the organizer's angle

(1) Learners: Similar to the above 2 points, or at that time did not think about it, after a while forget, wait until back to their seats and think of the problem has never been a chance to say

(2) Organizers: Not all aspects of the control, not to consider whether the crew can accept this learning method. Some methods just know themselves, how to learn their own arrangements, there is no meeting with the crew to say how to do, how to learn, leading to the discovery of problems.


After each team organizes the study to set aside the appropriate time, in this time everybody speaks freely, puts forward the question which oneself thought, everybody solves together.

. The captain is actively communicating with the team

In any case, we must always remain a team, we have to learn to use the team, such as: personal learning encountered problems recorded to the team to solve, the team's learning rate is higher than the individual, learning how to get along with people, how to be a qualified leader and so on. Also do not rely on the team: we can not always rely on the strength of the team, what can not wait for others to call you, and then according to others arranged to do, so too passive, they have to make a plan, not only with others to play together, their own learning to be able to easily.

Bill Shige said everyone should learn to sum up, will not sum up the person, lifetime will be in situ. Leadership from you this is not good advice, your own problems after the solution does not summarize the next time will not, why people often find problems, and you can not be the reason is lack of summary, dare not to challenge.

Ability is to exercise, not fixed ...

Where there is a complaint, where there is a chance ...

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