Learn to talk: I learned how to talk with the girl who uses the coffee bar in wudaokou. I recommend: "How to listen to what to say"-[learn to talk]

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On the evening of the evening, I met with a smile. He mentioned: Learning is easy, but learning is a long-term process. This is not his original idea, and Kong's husband has long said: learning and learning is a pleasure.


Some team members often say that their communication skills are not high. In my opinion, they have to analyze every good or bad communication practice like doing experiments, gradually turn the acquired ability into instinct. Without such efforts, I think it is not that easy to greatly improve my communication skills. I believe in the stupid practices, and hope to analyze every communication and practice that has touched me as much as possible to identify the cause and avoid repeated mistakes, let's see if it can benefit you too.


On the 7th, we visited several clients in Zhongguancun. Therefore, we took the time to go to several bookstores to steal the free space. We first went to wansheng, and then to photosynthesis. It was my most popular photosynthesis bookstore in wudaokou.


The two shop assistants on the first floor are very amiable and very professional. They can read the books I bought and discuss with me about the series of other works. I took a fancy to a small pen wash in the store. Unfortunately, it is not a sold product. But the two girls ran up and asked me, and finally told me sadly that they could not be sold for the time being. Let me leave a phone number and let me know when they can be sold in the future. After I bought a book, I got an invoice for the second floor. the most flexible and enthusiastic girl asked another girl to invoice me and said, "Auntie, I will give you an invoice when you get the bag. It's so sweet!


Diuera and I went to the coffee bar on the second floor, and there was almost no space available. We sat down on the stool and talked about some hot drinks. A girl is also responsible, but this is a cold face, long cold, and no smile, like winter.


Ask: Are you buying your own books? A: Yes. Continue to ask coldly: Show me the ticket.


I also reported a cold answer: You can go to the degaussing device at the door to check if this book was bought.


The atmosphere is frozen. Hot drinks did not ease the atmosphere, but after drinking hot drinks, I saw the young and indifferent face. I took a breath and asked diuera to read the book and decide whether to break the deadlock.


I took out the small ticket and asked her to check it out to make sure that the book we are reading complies with the coffee bar rules and has already paid the bill. Then I asked her to come over and whispered to her, "Little girl, you are right to comply with the rules. However, speaking to the guests can be tricky. Don't make it like a prisoner.


The little girl said: I am not like a prisoner. I told her: You certainly don't think that, if you think, you will not speak like this, but we feel that we are under review. She looked at me thoughtfully.


I told her that she could speak like this, and she was happy to achieve her goal: this guest. Sorry, we have a rule in our store. Please cooperate. Can I see the small ticket you bought? Thank you for your receipt of the ticket, which may delay your time. The drink is coming. Please try again later.


Her face was more vivid. I smiled at her. She didn't smile, but her expression was softer.


Diuera and I continued reading books for a while and then left. When I left, I said goodbye to the girl and said, "Thank you ." The little girl replied, "I should say thank you ." With a sincere tone, you have a smile.


OK. The communication practices prove effective. In just a few words, we have changed Winter to spring. However, it is not difficult to understand people and be patient.


Analysis: in the future, we will encounter similar situations or more serious situations, so we don't have to worry about them. We feel that the services of the other party are not good enough and that the other party has looked down on themselves, instead, we should first consider whether the other party's regulations are reasonable. If so, we should first cooperate with the implementation of the regulations to avoid the other party's anxiety. Then, we can look for opportunities to communicate with the other Party, so that we hope the other party can improve. Then, the method must be positive and constructive. If you blame, you can make a joke. This will not intensify the other party, resulting in immediate opposition. You must think about constructive suggestions.


Currently, the bookstore is not easy to operate. Although the photosynthesis function is a brand store, it is growing rapidly in the second half of this year, and it is likely that the personnel training is not neat enough. The waiters in the downstairs and upstairs are both very conscientious and keep their responsibilities, but their flexibility is different, and their communication skills are significantly different. This shows that the company still needs to improve employee training. However, the clerk is so earnest that the implementation of the management system is resolute.


The restroom in the photosynthesis bookstore is cleaner than that in the Holy City, and the operating atmosphere is better than that in the Holy City. Wansheng's shop assistant is good, but the number of shopping guides has been significantly reduced. I also made a guest to help an old man quickly find the book he wants to buy. Because the number of visits to the Holy Land is large, they have a certain understanding of the location of their books.


Later, I told diuera that it was a pity that no contact information was left for the very enthusiastic girl on the first floor. I will go to Beijing next month. If she is still there, I will talk to her and leave her contact information. Such a passionate, responsible, and flexible girl is a talent that every company attaches importance.


By the way, I recommend this book: "How to listen, how to say". The author is the author of the famous best-selling book "how to read a book. The writing is very interesting. I read it to diuera on the train. She laughed, so she planned to let diuera's Organization Department colleagues learn and make a PPT. If a team of other friends is also learning similar books, you are welcome to join us with a PPT.

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