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  • What can subversion do?
  • Some basic concepts of subversion
  • Basic client operations
About SVN
  1. What is SVN?
  2. SVN official website;
  3. SVN client;
  4. SVN online video help.
What is subversion?

SVN is a version management system, formerly CVs, and the cornerstone of open-source software. Even when the communication is sufficient, the maintenance of the same source code by many people may also lead to confusion. The version management system is designed to solve these problems.

What can subversion do?

Like a time machine, SVN can bring you back. Therefore, you can use SVN to manage all the work that you think may need to be restored. For example, for programmer programming, artist plotting, translation, and remote monitoring, SVN not only plays a major role in the software engineering field, but also plays an important role in other industries. For example, when two people translate a book and several people design a project drawing, SVN not only restores your work to the previous state, but also plays a backup role, if important work files are stored only on your computer, computer viruses or hard disk damages may cause immeasurable losses. However, if you use SVN for management and save the files to the svn server every day, you don't have to worry about losing them.

Some basic concepts of subversion
  • Repository(Source code library)-place where the source code is stored in a uniform manner;
  • Checkout(Extraction)-when you have no source code, you need to copy it from repository checkout;
  • Commit(Submit)-when you have modified the code, you need to commit to repository;
  • Update(Update)-when you have already checkout a copy of the source code, you can synchronize the source code with the repository after an update, and the code on your hand will be updated.

The daily development process is actually like this (assuming you have been checkout and have been working for a few days): Update (get the latest code) --> make your own modifications and debug them successfully --> commit (you can see your modifications ).

Smart readers will soon ask, what if two programmers modify the same file at the same time? SVN can be changed by the two programmers of merge. Correct and merged. In fact, SVN manages the source code in units of behavior, that is, if the two programmers do not modify the same program, SVN automatically merges the two changes. If the row is the same, SVN will prompt the file confict, conflict, You need to manually confirm.



Basic client operations

Extract the version library to a working copy:

Go to any empty directory, in this example, E:/svndemo/wc1, right-click-> checkout, enter SVN: // localhost/trunk in URL of repository, in this way, we get a copy of work.


Make changes in the work copy and submit:

Open readme.txt, modify it, and right-click commit... to submit the modification to the version library. We can run it.



Code hosting URL

Currently, the Internet hosting code mainly includes

1. Google Project hosting http://code.google.com/p/support/

2. The website http://www.oksvn.com/also supports code hosting.




Http://sourceforge.net/few open source files are available on this website


Animation Tutorial: http://www.subversion.org.cn/media/all.swf

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