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On Wednesday, Ms. Deng chunya from China electromechanical industry magazine interviewed me about a series of issues related to xue24 and management training. One of the things she mentioned has put me in meditation. During the interview, she often met the boss of the company and said that to solve the problem of job burnout of some backbone employees after long-term work, she sent them to various management trainings. However, the results are very general. The status of many business backbone training teams has not changed, and they do not have much affection for the training teachers and content. I feel that there is no big difference in training without training.

My response was that the key to the problem was that these companies did not find the right teachers.

There is a public secret to determine whether the learning effect is good or not, that is, whether the learner can find one or a group of "Teachers" suitable for the current situation of the specific learner ". The key is "fit", not "best ". A master may not be, but an ordinary colleague may be the most suitable teacher. (When selecting a school for a child, we often say that finding a good school is better than finding a good teacher .)

How to find a "teacher" suitable for a specific employee at a specific time "? This depends on a person's ability to "find a teacher.

The first "Realm" of "finding a teacher" is to passively accept the "teacher" assigned to others ". If an employee is assigned a position by the company, the employee has his own boss. If this boss understands that one of his most important tasks is to be a subordinate teacher in life and work, then this employee is lucky, he already has a condition for rapid growth. If the boss does not understand this, but does not know that the most difficult but important role of the manager is to be a subordinate coach, this subordinate may be unfortunate. I remember reading an article in Yiyou community entitled "the boss is the best mentor in a person's life. Although this is absolutely true, I believe it is true in many cases.

My own companies, such as Deutsche Bank and Roland Berger, have so-called mentorship ), each person in each stage of the company has a person who is more senior than him as his master and coach, and this teacher is usually (but not necessarily) his direct boss. My experience is that such a system is very beneficial to the growth of an employee. The key to success of this system is that managers understand their responsibilities and obligations for cultivating talents. At this level, the company's system and requirements for managers are crucial.

The second realm of "looking for a teacher" is to take the initiative to find a teacher who can help you. A few years ago, one of my employees joined Yizhong company at a salary lower than the previous unit. I asked him: Why do you want to join us if your income is not as good as before? His answer is: Here I can access a large number of excellent teachers and learn a lot. These are not provided by the original company. He is excellent. He is actively looking for a teacher.

Enterprise Management Training is also an initiative for enterprises to find training teachers who can help their companies. At this time, the key is to select a suitable teacher (rather than a master ). The question raised by Ms. Deng chunya is the problem of poor training performance. I think many companies have chosen the wrong teacher: The standard they choose may be whether the teacher is famous or not from a famous university, whether or not you have a senior degree or many titles, ignoring the fundamental objective of finding a Teacher: helping employees and managers grow and solve their own business problems. However, I believe that it cannot be solved by academic teachers, or by some well-known "Masters. Suitable teachers who can really help solve problems are teachers who can provide "practical, simple, and systematic" management knowledge. These teachers must have two conditions at the same time: one is practical experience (how can a person who has never spent tens of millions of dollars in shopping trust his knowledge about purchasing ?), One is the ability of System Summarization (one who only tells stories and is good at speech but cannot teach people how to analyze problems so that they can learn to solve their own problems ?).

The third realm of finding a teacher is "three people, you must have a teacher ". In fact, Confucius's statement is not fully in place. I believe that what he really wants to say is that all people and things in the world can be our teachers, and they may teach us some truth. We can learn from our friends or from strangers. We can discover new perspectives from children's problems, or learn the meaning of curiosity on innovation from cats at home. Some people say that this learning is too low-level compared to the complex systems of learning experts, but I think this is the highest level of learning.

The third secret to effective learning is to find a suitable teacher. The highest level of finding a teacher is to learn to discover ubiquitous teachers.

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