Leave without promotion

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Leave without promotion

There is no "discipline" environment, and no education will bear fruit.

Those who are idle in learning not only give up their own growth, but also give up providing the greatest value to customers. As the number of people in an enterprise increases, the Organization will lose its vitality and finally fall to the ground.

In order to improve this phenomenon, the business community mostly uses training or improving welfare, hoping that employees will change. Recently, Japanese enterprises tend to learn from their superiors and urge their subordinates to provide various learning motivations to their employees. If we still adopt the same scolding method as before, in addition to reducing morale, I am afraid that we will also be criticized by the power harassment (Abuse of employee privilege.

In fact, in terms of software and hardware, employees in Japanese enterprises are well-educated, and many even make a living. However, this is not enough.

I am also teaching a course in a university and talk about all kinds of theme, but I would like to tell you that I have not established a "discipline" environment, no education will bear fruit. As far as the position of business management consultants is concerned, the knowledge of first-class business schools cannot be used at all, and sometimes they must be discarded to ensure smooth work.

A higher salary, a better welfare, or even a more enriched education system cannot cultivate a large number of professionals. Only discipline, or value, can be achieved. This is the experience of Marvin Bower, one of McKinsey's founders.

McKinsey's discipline, which I have repeatedly mentioned, gives priority to customers and provides their greatest value .」 In order to achieve this mission, all business management consultants must constantly grow and develop themselves; otherwise, they will not receive customers' trust and praise from their peers. If we provide a passable general view as a solution, I am afraid it will not only disappoint the customer, but also attract the eyes of colleagues who despise and do not understand each other.

Another discipline is "promoting or leaving". That is to say, those who cannot be promoted must leave.

This is not the ability to solve problems, manage organizations, or generate capabilities to respond to customer changes. After entering the company for a few years, if you cannot be promoted to a certain class and cultivate the abilities required by this class, you will be persuaded to leave. McKinsey has two or one hundred employees leaving each year, which means that if employees enter the company in the same period, there will be only 20 employees after four years. As far as I know, this is the company's rule and the only way to keep customers disappointed.

This rule does make the company feel quite nervous and allow employees to take the initiative to learn. The result of employee efforts is that even if they cannot develop smoothly in McKinsey, they will become targets of other companies. People who leave are still energetic, and the results are also good.

Fortune, a former company in the United States, made a crazy theme: "McKinsey and singularity, which organization is better ?」 And cited the number of excellent operators of the two sides for evaluation, the conclusion is that the two companies are comparable. McKinsey, a gathering of talents, and a singular company where most employees are graduates of regional universities. It is difficult for employees to be confused about their business ability after being promoted to a management position (or transferred to another company.

This is because the essence of the two companies is the same. They all thoroughly implement internal education courses and focus on discipline.
Singular companies are well known for their emphasis on talent training. The singular world has over 0.3 million employees, and its career spans many fields. Of course, singularity also provides knowledge education and skills training courses for employees of different classes and different industries, just like general enterprises. However, the most important thing about singularity is to thoroughly rooted in "Singular Values", that is, the company's discipline.

This training was primarily held at the crotonville School of Management in New York (in 1953, odd established a university in the company to train second-generation leaders ). In the eyes of the Japanese, singularity may be regarded as a result-oriented innovator. But in fact, no matter how good employees are and how high their performance is, if they violate the singular value 」, only a low rating will be obtained, and even a single employee may be dismissed several times.

In, after the terrorist incident, the US aviation industry was gloomy. Only Southwest Airlines stood firm, mainly because it attached great importance to discipline. The reason why the Japanese "Kyoto Ceramics Company" can become a large enterprise is also because the operating philosophy of the founder of amori Kazuo has penetrated the entire organization. The "basic creed" of Thomas J. Watson, Sr., the new CEO of IBM, pamsano, is a manifestation of discipline.

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