LEJOS+EV3+WIN7 Environment Construction

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LEJOS+EV3+WIN7 Environment Construction

1, build the Java development environment

Development packages that require JDK (note that lejos0.9.0 only supports jdk1.7 's development package, which is not compatible with the pro-Test jdk1.8). For http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html. If the connection address is invalid, please use the "JDK" of the Niang. The installation process is omitted ...

Setting the JDK environment variable

2. Install Lejosfor EV3

Download Lejos installation package,: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ev3.lejos.p/files/, if invalid, please Niang "Lejos". The installation process is omitted ... (Note that your computer hard disk has at least partition of C and D two disks above)

After the installation is complete, set the environment variable

3. Firing the TF card to start EV3 boot Lejos

TF cards require more than 2G, preferably formatted (this is the official description). Steps are as follows

Locate the installation directory for Lejos, then locate the bin directory and open the Ev3sdcard.bat file

Select the drive letter of the TF card

has automatically helped you choose Lejosimage.zip, if not in the Lejos installation directory.

Click link, download EV3 Oracle JRE, note we do not download jdk8, we download Ejre-7u60-b19-ejre-7u60-fcs-b19-linux-arm-sflt-headless-07_may_ 2014.tar.gz this file. : http://download.oracle.com/otn/java/ejre/7u60-b19/ejre-7u60-fcs-b19-linux-arm-sflt-headless-07_may_2014.tar.gz. If the connection fails, please mother.

Then select the downloaded file ejre-7u60-b19-ejre-7u60-fcs-b19-linux-arm-sflt-headless-07_may_2014.tar.gz

Finally click Create, after firing completed will TF card inserted into the EV3, start EV3, is not an exciting lejos sign out! (If you pull the tf out, you can restore the original Lego's own system, is not very magical AH).

4. Using the Eclipse IDE development environment

Download eclipse,:http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/

Unzip after download, double click Eclipse.exe

On the Eclipse menu bar "Help", "Install Newsoftware", "add"

Name field fill in Lejos (can be a favorite name), location fill in Http://lejos.sourceforge.net/tools/eclipse/plugin/ev3, and finally click OK.

Wait patiently for the plugin to install, open Eclipse after installation is complete, open the menu bar "window", "Preferences", then click on "Lejos EV3" on the left.

In Ev3_home Select the installation directory for Lejos, in Connect to Namedbrick Name fill in the (note this is the IP address of EV3, if it is connected with USB and Bluetooth EV3 use, if it is WiFi connection EV3 please fill in the Assigned to EV3 IP). Finally click OK.

By this, the whole lejos+ev3+win7 environment has been built. You can use Java to control EV3!

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Lejos+ev3+win7 Environment Setup

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