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feel the glamour of the entire aluminum fuselage and the super narrow border by opening the box with a small share.

The opening of the box Yoga 910 for the Ding version, carrying the seventh generation Kaby Lake Architecture Core i7 processor, the frequency reached 2.7GHz.

The Yoga 910 has an average thickness of less than 15 mm and weighs only 1.4 kg, making it superior in its portable capacity.

Lenovo Yoga 910 features a backlit keyboard with fingerprint identification. In terms of interface, Lenovo Yoga 910 is equipped with 3 USB interfaces (two of which are usb-c, one is usb-a) and one headset interface. At the same time Yoga 910 supports JBL sound effects.

YOGA 910 of the fuselage using all aluminum material, fine workmanship, very textured.

The Yoga 910 continues with its unique hinge design, turning the screen back and forth and fixed at any angle, switching back and forth between the tablet and notebook mode.

YOGA 910 Built-in JBL speakers, support Dolby sound effect.

At the same time Lenovo Yoga 910 equipped with a 13.9-inch display, integrated IPs touch screen, the maximum resolution reached 3840x2160 pixels, pixel density of 315ppi. The only regret is that the YOGA 910 uses an quenching screen without border design, after the screen, although the top and sides of the border is still very narrow, but the lower part of a nearly 3cm black edge, printed with Lenovo logo.

As for why to reserve such a large black edge, presumably in order to facilitate the user holding grip in the flat state, reduce misoperation, at the same time the interior also integrates a backlight circuit, camera and other components.

At present, the domestic first listed yoga 910 for 1080p, I5-7200U, 512GB SSD version, priced 8999 yuan. Battery capacity of 78Wh, at the same time with the world's highest density of the core, reached the 700wh/l, combined with custom power management technology, the longest can be 15.5 hours, and support shutdown for mobile phone charging. The power connector is a USB type-c.

In addition, YOGA 5 pro or the world's first to add fingerprint security to pay the function of the notebook, support the boot fingerprint 1 seconds unlock, but also support UnionPay fingerprint payment function. (The fingerprint payment function will be formally standard after December 1).

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