Lenovo Miix 5 Contrast Microsoft SP4 depth evaluation

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Lenovo Miix 5 comparison evaluation, who is weak, with the strength to speak!

I believe you have been small make up a very provocative opening to touch, yes, today we will real thing, the true two products to fight a life-and-death. First of all, the small series first to introduce our attackers and defense side.

Comparison and evaluation: Xin Rui Two Association Miix 5

Lenovo Miix 5 is the fifth generation product of the Miix series, at the same time is Lenovo's two-in-one representative products, in the history of Miix, each launch of the products so that we can feel Lenovo's intentions and innovation, when people think that Lenovo's thinking dried up, Miix 5 once again to us surprise, Dare and Surface Pro 4 wrestling wrist, what in the end what is commendable?

Configuration, the highest choice of Intel i7 processor, 8GB running storage and 512GB SSD, good design plus excellent configuration, simple, simply, direct hit consumer key. This time Miix 5 can be said to be a lot of anticipation, because the Miix series before the product is still fresh, perhaps it has no innovative changes, but in the details or the use of the changes in the habit of making us very concerned about.

The largest rise in the appearance of Miix 5 is its cooling outlet, because this generation is configured to upgrade so that the top of the machine and both sides have a vent, which allows the Miix 5 of the cooling level is again strengthened, even with the Intel i7 this level of the processor can cope with nature.

The front has the family design symbol "The Lenovo LOGO" also appropriately appears in the whole machine's upper left corner position, is not striking but has the deterrent force, is in the middle is a 2 million pixel camera, may use for self-portraits or carries on the video call, the overall filming effect is still very good. The middle of the machine has a resolution of 1920x1080 12.2-inch screen, from the visual angle, the display has reached a very high level, the back using two-stage design, metal material to build, solid, smooth. At the top is a 5 million-megapixel camera with a light patch, with the logo of Lenovo and IdeaPad on the back and the hinged hinge on both sides of the center.

Now is the play, is now the Lenovo family design chain-style hinge, this design not only from the appearance of a great impact, but also comparable more practical. Miix 5 Because of the use of an excellent rotating shaft can be used to regulate, that is, you can be in any way you like to let it stay, this is in the design of the current large line of the two-in-one equipment is a shock. And also very good at the ease of use.

Comparative evaluation: Defensive side Surface Pro 4

Let's take a look at the Surface Pro 4, which has been the benchmark product of the two-in-all-in-one tablet computer, and say that the launch of Surface Pro 4 has made Apple's brand new ipad Pro very embarrassing, and that its office experience is not comparable to the Apple ipad. Although the launch has been a year, but now to see the surface Pro 4 configuration is still not backward, even more than most of the lightweight notebook is also stronger than many.

Surface Pro 4 uses the Intel Sixth generation Skylake Architecture core M3, i5, i7 processors, multiple versions and configurations covering various users with different performance requirements, the most obvious changes in appearance from the screen after the light of the border effect, you may remember the last few generations of products screen design effect, Due to the problem of product strength, the old Surface Pro borders with unusually wide. However, the Surface Pro 4 screen border is improved very much, the visual effect of the overall body to improve the brightness of a lot.

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