Lenovo official Intel 8 Series Installation XP system considerations and Driver Download (h81,b85,q87)

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Special Note:

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When downloading the driver, please select "Unicom download" or "Telecom Download", select "Manual Download" in the pop-up dialog, so download driver is the driver that need to download, otherwise the Driver Wizard software is downloaded.

Intel 8 Series Chipset Driver for WinXP

Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 official version for winxp/xp-64/2003/2003-64/vista/vista-64/win7/win7-64/2008/ 2008-64 (Published on April 22, 2010)


Intel chipset Device software chipset driver WHQL version for win2000/win2003-32/win2003-64/win2008-32/win2008-64/ Winxp-32/winxp-64/vista-32/vista-64/win7-32/win7-64/win8-32/win8-64/win8.1-32/win8.1-64 (Released August 4, 2014)


Intel Management Engine Interface Management engine Interface (Intel MEI) driver version 5M for Winxp-32/winxp-64 (released January 21, 2014)


Realtek Realtek HD Audio Audio driver R2.74 version for win2000/winxp-32/winxp-64/win2003-32/win2003-64 (released May 13, 2014)


Realtek Realtek rtl81xx series NIC driver 5.826.0605.2014 version for winxp-32/winxp-64/win2003-32/win2003-64 (released September 25, 2014)


Core Intel Graphics Driver

Intel fourth generation core processor embedded Core Graphics driver version for WINXP-32 (released March 11, 2014)


AMD Graphics Driver

AMD Radeon HD 5000/hd 6000/hd 7000/hd 8000/R7/R9 series Desktop Graphics driver 14.4 Official version for WINXP-32/WINXP-64 (released April 28, 2014)


Nvidia Graphics Drivers

Nvidia NVIDIA GeForce Official graphics driver 344.48 official version for WinXP-32 (released October 28, 2014)

Note: The XP version driver does not currently support the GTX 800 series graphics card.

Special attention:

1. Before installing the system, we need to enter the BIOS, find the SATA config, change AHCI to IDE mode, save the exit, or the blue screen code 7B or A5 may appear when installing the system;

2. After installing the system, if you need to turn on the AHCI function, you can use Skyiar for AHCI injection (third-party driver integration package), after installation need to restart the computer to remind users to use this driver integration package (DPS) installation may cause the system to work frequently blue screen, it is not recommended to turn on AHCI function;

3. After installing all the drivers in the device management may still see a device called High Definition audio with an exclamation mark, pre-verification through the hardware ID, the device is an Intel CPU built-in audio unit device, after the installation of Intel Core graphics driver, the device still has an exclamation mark, However, this is normal because the Intel Haswell platform is only minisupport supported under the WinXP system, that is, only the core graphics driver can be installed properly, the resolution can reach the screen recommendation, and the others are not guaranteed. The driver name in the WinXP Device Manager-Display card after the normal installation of the graphics card is: Intel Haswell HD GRAPHICS-GT1;

4. After installing all the drivers in the device management may still see a device called "PCI Simple Communication Controller" with an exclamation mark or question marks, pre-verification by hardware ID, the device is the Intel AMT9.0 Driver, the official driver for the operating system: Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit,windows 8 32-bit,windows 8 64-bit operating system, does not support WinXP system, cannot be installed on corresponding driver non-fault.

5.Intel 8 Series chipset USB3.0 Port no WinXP drive non-fault, Intel product design So, not Lenovo does not provide.

6.Intel core Graphics drivers need to install the. NET Framework 4.0 before installation, otherwise the driver installation may error;

7. Some of the Intel Core graphics and network card drivers may see the prompt "does not meet the minimum configuration requirements" information, this problem is not a driver error, but the operating system installation media problems (such as ghost or thin installation version, etc.), Please use the standard installation version of the WinXP CD to back up the data after the format of the reinstallation system, and then install the driver, (recommended to use the WinXP SP3 system CD to install)

8. If the NIC is not WinXP driven for the Intel I217-LM series, the lowest driver for this series of cards supports the WIN7 system, which is not intended for Lenovo.

Intel I217-LM can install 82579V driver instead of

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