Lenovo small New Excellent version 510S comprehensive evaluation

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Small New outstanding version 510S offers White moon, Nebula powder, Space silver tri-color appearance optional, the processor directly using the Intel's latest seventh Daicouri I7-7500U, operational performance continues to improve while also reducing power consumption, temperature control and battery endurance will have better performance. Storage aspects of the outstanding version of small new 510S maximum with 8GB memory and 512GB solid-state drives, but also the choice of 1TB mechanical hard disk version, fully meet the needs of different groups of people.

Test Machine Detail Configuration

Product prices, small new excellent version of the 510S performance of the more honest, space silver/white I7/4G/1TB HDD/HD version sold 4399 yuan, i7/8g/256g ssd/fhd to 4999 yuan, today's evaluation of this i7/8g/512g ssd/ FHD Ding version Price is 5699 yuan. Nebula Powder Small New 510S with configuration model to be more expensive on 100 yuan, the keyboard C side will have a unique carved pattern, very suitable for the pursuit of fashionable female crowd to buy.

November 25, the small new outstanding version 510S has officially landed Lenovo Official mall, Jingdong Mall and Lenovo Cat flagship store opened snapped up, if you like the words can now directly purchase. Jing Dong Starter page purchase link: http://sale.jd.com/act/6MDBNr8yCG4kS0YO.html

Fashion appearance + thin metal body: Yan value Master sense good

White Moon, Nebula powder, space silver three kinds of tidal color plus the fashionable and light metal material, small new excellent version 510S in the value of Yan can play a high score, Journal ID design language is also more ergonomic design, holding a sense of comfort, the corner will not have any sense of stroke.


Small new Excellent version of the 510S metal fuselage using anodic oxidation treatment process, retain full texture while also allowing the fuselage to become more rugged wear-resistant. Lightweight design of the most thick body only 19.3mm, weight only 1.7kg, daily carrying will never become your burden. The fuselage back also uses one forming metal bottom plate, the whole machine vision design unification, the loudspeaker and the cooling window position also all handles is just right. To open the notebook we only need to remove the bottom of the 10 X-shaped screws can be easily done, upgrade the configuration or clean up the dust is easy enough.

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