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Lenovo seems to have an answer for what is the ideal mobile productivity tool. Yes, that's the Yoga book Hybrid Notebook. It's a very interesting device that combines the portability of a tablet, the functionality of a laptop, and even the functionality of a drawing board, and has a pretty good portability.


Yoga book as a hybrid notebook, the thickness of the performance is unbelievable. The final part of the entire fuselage is 5 mm, and the thinnest part is only 4 mm. At the same time yoga book has a very eye-catching hinge design, the screen can be 360-degree full flip.

The upper part of the Yoga book is a 10.1-inch display, and all the interesting parts come from the bottom half.

When you open Yoga book, you will be tempted to ask the question: where is the keyboard? Yes, unlike the ordinary ultra-extreme, Yoga books do not have a prominent physical keyboard, and can only see the unique touch keyboard when the backlight is turned on. And in the light of the backlight, can bring a very interesting sense of science and technology.

Such keyboard design has some advantages, such as not taking up valuable space, can make the fuselage thickness thinner. At the same time in the input feel, in fact, and the ordinary keyboard gap is not large, of course, if you have been accustomed to the traditional keyboard and crackling sound, then use Yoga Book Touch keyboard still need a certain amount of time to adapt. Of course in the keyboard area below, also hides the trackpad, many Android users will not be unfamiliar to operate.

When it does not use the keyboard, it can provide users with a complete digital trackpad, of course, also includes a standard stylus, and this pen can be in ink pen and touch pen switch between, and even have to replace the ink core. When using stylus mode, we can perform a variety of touch operations like a regular tablet computer. It can also be painted on real paper like a regular ink pen, and the content will be synchronized to the tablet computer.

Yoga Book offers a relatively rich selection of interfaces and connectivity, including power buttons, headphones, microUSB charging interface and data transmission, and, of course, SD card slots. Also included are the Micro HDMI interface and stereo speakers on both sides.

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