Let the user reduce the cost of learning-background system interaction Experience (II)

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After the last background system specification release many colleagues have given us the affirmation, has given us the very big confidence. Thank you.

We have a new version of our backend system that's being released. The original system specification also began to not adapt to all environments.

Here are the challenges we need and the solutions:

1. function can not meet the demand only after the online users really use will find new requirements. Before the system is 1.0 version mainly to meet the "available", wait until the system ran, the user began to pursue the system "Easy-to-use"

Corresponding method: Add new function--notification function, configuration function, mapping function, advanced management function

2. User-level multiple systems online, our number of users began to increase, in the user will have some advanced users, their permissions will be higher than the average user.

Corresponding method: System permissions Increase--responsible for some categories, permissions, and other configuration

3. Technical classmate Data correction large system after the data volume will be very large, due to system rigor and user's operation error, make the need to order a large amount of data, technical students to spend a part of the resources here, delay the normal project

Corresponding method: Advanced management function + system permissions-only small two with advanced privileges can be configured in the system. You can change the corresponding data.

4. Individual user Requirements BI Department, business unit and so on special hope system can have direct data analysis of the place

Corresponding methods: Phased implementation--mainly through communication, and other departments to identify acceptable solutions

Well, now that we have the corresponding method, how do we design these features? The Internet has grown to the middle stage, and basically any communication online can be seen online. So, as long as users stay online, the system can solve all communication needs. Good products, behind all the designers and technical engineers to gather the wisdom. Our users will also be able to use these products, can be designed to be the interactive form of these products, so that users easy to use, without the need to learn a new set of interactive form (the cost of re-learning is very large).

1. Mailbox VS Notification Center mailbox is a line of communication tools to save all the mail records for easy viewing, our system also needs a similar function, but do not need to write mail, do not need to see who the sender is.

The following is the effect of a mailbox.

We have retained his basic functionality, as well as the functionality required by our system, and it is easier for users to remove other features.

2. Instant Messaging vs. Instant Messaging is a tool that is now almost all used by users, and the business logic of rectification is the same as it, so we used the same approach.

The effect of our

This can be produced in a short time, users will be very convenient to use.

We should pay attention to a few:

1. Usability testing Design your own model, to the user to see, for usability testing. Find out if you can meet the expectations of the user, and then make changes to reduce development costs.

2. Close to the user background system in the implementation process must be close to the demand side, and even work with the demand side to understand their business, understand their habits. In order to make it easy for everyone to use the feelings of the goods.

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