Let Win7 dual system strong in the MacBook Air

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1. Open the Finder in the MacBook, find the applications and open the Bootcamp.

2. Click Bootcamp to enter its software interface, choose "Continue" according to its prompts. When you click "Continue", you will see an interface with the computer system "create a Partition for Windows" (a partition for Windows) where you can create a Windows partition that allocates hard disk space between your Mac system and Windows system. Windows 7 system can be about 10GB, if you want to install a lot of programs in it, more than a few hard disk space to it, such as 20GB, 32GB and so on, simply, you in which operating system installer needs more, hard disk space on who more. Then click "Split", the program will automatically help you partition the hard drive.

3. After the partition is completed, the Windows7 can be installed. Insert a prepared Windows 7 installation disk and point to "Start installation." Your computer will reboot and enter the Windows 7 installation interface, and then operate as if you were installing a Windows system on a regular PC. Here is a place to note, is to go to the "Installation mode" interface, remember to choose the "Custom" way to install.

4. When entering the prompt to install the Windows system location, it is important to select the area labeled "Bootcamp", and I do not remember to choose the wrong partition. Then click "Drive optiongs" and then "format" to format the partition. There will be a dialog on the interface, click "OK" on the line. After the format is finished, click Windows7 Flagship next, Windows 7 installation starts copying files, and then waits for a period of time, without any user action.

5. After two reboots, the Windows 7 Basic installation is complete, and a window will pop up asking you to enter your username and computer name. Two names can be casually started, but not the same. And after the password setting step, the system will ask you to enter the Windows 7 product serial number, this serial number is in your download windows 7 o'clock, in the last screen display, you have to write down here to use. Input for the serial number, you can set the time, network, the use of the environment.

6. After the above steps, finally entered the familiar Windows 7 desktop. Click on "My Computer" to launch the Windows 7 installation disk, and then insert the original MacBook with the Snow Leopard System CD, the CD will appear after the installation of the boot Camp interface, according to the interface prompts step-by-step click, check "Apple Software upate for Windows option, and then bootcamp starts to install the MacBook driver that Windows must have.

7. Finally click "Install Complete", the computer restarts, the driver is effective, if you can enter the Windows system again, it will prove that you have successfully installed Windows 7 on the MacBook.

The whole process should be noted that if your bootcamp driver version is not 3.1, you need to install 3.0, and then download the 3.1 version in Windows 7 reinstall. In addition, you'll find a Macintosh HD disk in Windows 7, My Computer, which is the document that shares the MacBook under Windows, but can only be read and not written.

Two systems, you can simply hold down the option key while powering on, or Apple remote may choose Mac OS X or Windows.

Although it is a dual system, but a system will be used frequently, you can set the usual operating system to a preset boot, by entering the MacBook's "System Preferences"-"Boot Disk", select you want Mac OS x or Windows 7, and then "reboot", The machine will automatically start an operating system when it is turned on as you choose. To convert to another system, just press the options.

Summary: Read the above about the MacBook Air installed on the Win7 system of the specific method, then you just follow this method of operation, you can make your artifact to operate Oh!

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