Let's talk about the idea and construction of an automated testing framework"

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Let's talk about the idea and construction of an automated testing framework"

Preface:Even now, we still think that the so-called "Automated Testing Framework" is a mysterious thing, and we still think it is far away from everyone. In fact, it is not the concept of "Automated Testing Framework, it is not complicated, but it is mysterious because it is very complicated to use. Every company, every department, its product line, and its operation process are different, as a result, many uncertainties occur when you want to use the "Automated Testing Framework" to complete automated testing. As a result, many automated testing projects fail, let people start with the automated testing framework.

The development of automated testing has also been around for a while. Why is it so hot now? But it is difficult to see its scale. The key is how we position it, many companies and many people know that automated testing is not simply a tool, but a framework is needed, but it lacks a clear positioning of the automated testing framework, it is easy to place it into a fixed framework. In fact, my personal understanding is not the case. The automated testing framework is not a model, but a collection of ideas, it is a hierarchical organization that combines various ideas of automated testing frameworks and applications.

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