Light Cat, photoelectric converter, fiber optic transceiver Three devices what is the difference

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"Netizen asks a question": have been not clear exactly what difference does photoelectric converter, fiber transceiver, light cat, light module have?

"Answer": Optical module is inserted in the router or switch, can not be used independently, belong to other devices part.

and netizens mentioned (photoelectric converter, optical transceiver, light cat, optical module) A few things are basically one thing, and the name is not standardized, more ambiguous, can be classified into the protocol converter. The photoelectric converter is also called the optical fiber transceiver, generally refers to the Ethernet photoelectric converter (very few people put the Ethernet photoelectric converter called the Light cat, but must be so called also line), but there are other agreements of the photoelectric converter, called Light cat also line.

Mainly photoelectric converter this name is too vague, as long as a device used to convert light signals and electrical signals to each other, can be so called, but so said, optical transceiver can also be called photoelectric converter, but no one called it.

Pay attention to the purchase of light cat, photoelectric converter, optical transceiver must pay attention to the interface type, do not buy the interface wrong on the line, in addition to the attention is a single mode or multimode, now the general enterprise is a single mode. Common interface has FC (round with Thread), SC (card-type square), ST (head inserted after the rotation of a half week with a card mouth fixed).

"Netizens ask questions": Often hear someone mention the light cat, this is what kind of equipment, he played what role. In general, the light cat is connected to which equipment, what is the connection cable use?

"Answer": Light cat is currently small and medium-sized companies, including large companies often use a network equipment. Light Cat is the optical modem, is commonly known as optical fiber transceiver or photoelectric converter, there is not much difference between the two, is to convert the fiber medium into copper wire access.

If more professional, the light cat is a similar to the baseband modem (digital modem) equipment, and baseband modem is different access to the optical line, is the light signal. Optical signal conversion and interface protocol after the conversion of the router, he belongs to a wide area network access, that is, often said fiber access, as long as the presence of optical fiber in the place need to convert the light of the cat.

Optical fiber transceiver is the conversion of photoelectric signal in LAN, but only signal conversion, there is no interface protocol conversion. Generally used in the park network longer distance, not suitable for the distribution of twisted-pair environment. However, with the development of network technology, photoelectric converters and the concept of light cats more and more blurred, the recent two basic can be unified as one of the equipment, photoelectric converter has become the scientific name of the light cat.

All companies using optical fiber need to use the optical fiber input to the optical signal conversion, through the light cat converted signal is already electrical. We are connected to a routing switch via the RJ45 Ethernet interface in the rear of the cat, and of course there is no problem connecting directly to the computer. When connecting to the optical cat, the ISP also uses a light cat to connect to the same fiber, which is why the light cats are sold in pairs. One for sending signals and another for receiving signals.

So what's the cable that a cat connects to a computer, a router, or a switch? In fact, choose the most commonly used super five twisted pair. However, it is important to note that while most optical cats have adaptive functions, they support the ability to automatically flip the cables connected, so that no matter whether we use a positive line or a reverse line to connect the light cat and network equipment are possible. However, a few manufacturers of light cats still do not have the automatic flip function. In this case, we can see if there is a dip switch on the front panel of the Light Cat, by setting the switch to modify the type of cable required to connect the light cat, for example, a positive line or a reverse line.

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