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Link construction has always been a hot topic for Seo and internet marketing experts. This makes sense. Link construction can indeed help you improve your ranking in search engines, which is no longer an explosive news. Link construction plays a major role, and it can bring direct traffic to your website.

As the network administrator of a new website, you must do the following. First, the website you create must be useful, and the website content must be available and informative. You must update the website content frequently to retain existing visitors and attract the attention of search engine spider. In addition, you also need to build links-it takes a long time to establish a good link system, so start as soon as possible. The following method is more or less useful for creating high-quality import links for new websites.

Create high-quality content

I have already talked about this issue, but it is really important and it is necessary to start again. In the morning, the website will be linked by others. In the beginning, you may not have a lot of traffic and cannot manage them organically. You don't have to worry about it. It will take a while. Special, detailed, or even controversial content will eventually attract links from other websites.

Video marketing has become increasingly popular due to its remarkable effect. You can create a video clip, embed it into a webpage of a website, and add the "email to friends" link below. In addition, we need to do a good job of propaganda. When others see this video, let them know its source.

Submit a website to a free directory website

You should constantly submit your website to a directory-based website. If your domain name is a new application, you should limit the number of submissions in the first month. People think that Google will punish websites with too many links. It may take several days, weeks, or even months for a free directory website to successfully accept the submission of your website.

You should not only submit your website to a general classified directory website, but also investigate the directory websites in your industry. Submitting your website to them will help increase your search engine rankings and bring high traffic to your website. It is a good suggestion to submit your website to a large and influential directory website every year.

Submit a website to a paid directory website

A free-of-charge catalog website is usually only linked to the homepage of your website, but most paid catalog websites allow you to select the title of your favorite link. This means that you can build a link based on keywords. This is an essential component of link construction for the purpose of improving the search engine ranking. On the other hand, pay-as-you-go directory-based websites usually allow deep links to independent pages on your webpage.

Submit your website to one or two paid directory websites each year. Yahoo's annual fee is USD 299, which may be the most expensive website, but it can indeed bring a lot of reputation and traffic to the website. is not cheap either. The price is USD 199/year. It produces no difference from Yahoo. Websites that are slightly cheaper include the best of the Web and the uncover the net.

Join forum and post related comments

As a matter of fact, forums are no longer popular. The emergence of Web, which people often discuss, has made the Forum increasingly dominant. However, there are still many people using the Forum, allowing you to store websites to increase traffic and provide opportunities for signed links.

Join the Forum related to your industry, use the more important keywords as the signature, And Then browse again. Search for articles that are really interested or where you can help. Post comments, but do not directly link to your website and use the signed link to complete this work. If the information you provide is real and available, you will eventually get the traffic.

Request Link

If you don't ask questions, you can't get anything. Search for related websites, but not directly competitors of your website, and request them to link with you. Find an extremely useful website content, make the link content simple, and provide them with HTML code, so that those websites and links you.

To be honest, the request link is not the best method. While agreeing to link to your website, they can link to different websites in multiple ways. Network administrators usually link websites they discover or sell advertising websites. In addition, they may only link websites in their regions.

Tagging and Social bookmarks

You have read all about Social bookmarks and tagging, but you still don't know how to use them to help your website. In fact, the rule is quite simple-Add a social bookmarkdonet website and create a list of useful websites, including one or two of your own websites, and then publish the list. As we all know, some search engines especially like websites that use such links. If your list is actually available, you will surely get the traffic.

Post comments in a blog

Search for a blog related to your industry and website and join this blog. Most blogs can connect to your website through your name. Therefore, use a name that includes the relevant keywords when signing your website. For example, in a forum, you can only post relevant content and comments. Do not write comments similar to "I am" or "I agree. Do not post comments if they do not have valuable comments. Try other blogs.

Article subscription

Write an article, or hire someone else to write it, and then submit it to a website with an RSS feed source. Goarticles and ezinearticles are two of the most popular websites with the RSS subscription function, and their rankings are basically High. You can add two reference notices to most document directories. These reference notices should point to the relevant webpages on your website that contain keywords and use them as the anchor text.

Article subscription is a good way to develop links, but the premise is to create a good article to attract visitors and network administrators. A good article can derive many links that will bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website.

Provide content for other websites

Although the content provided for other websites is more detailed, it is similar to article subscription. Contact the network administrator of your website in the same industry. Provide them with unique content in exchange for their links to your website. If your article is really good, you will find that posting your article on other websites is not difficult.

Many websites are actively looking for this opportunity. pay more attention when you visit the website next time.

Send Press Releases

Press releases (PR) have always played a significant role. Press releases can bring good traffic to your website. Some PR wires allow the press releases to be linked to the author's website. Prleap and prweb are two popular and useful websites that submit press releases.

Exchange links

In the face of link exchange, I always maintain a neutral attitude. Once upon a time, link exchange was the most popular method in link construction. You exchange links with other websites to benefit from the two of you. If you can successfully set a good link on the relevant website, they will still be useful. However, in terms of Seo, search engines have reduced their emphasis on switching links. Based on the advantages of the exchange link, consider each exchange link carefully. In most cases, ignore the possibility of search engine optimization.

Do not post comments on blogs or forums.

We have listed several methods for Link construction in detail above, including posting comments in early forums and blogs. But do not post irrelevant comments. Spam comments are a network disaster and are not liked by any network administrator. Spam comments will make you unwelcome or even remove your website. Of course, your website will not attract any visitors.

Do not use the factory linked to the FFA

A free for all (free for everyone) website allows any website owner to add links to this website. Search engines despise this practice. You won't get any benefit if you build a link using this website. Therefore, do not perform this operation.

Avoid any suspicious link construction activities

If you see a erratic link, ignore it. If the situation is good, it is a waste of time. If the situation is bad, your website may be irretrievably punished. Don't be tempted, even if it looks better. The consequences are very serious.

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