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LinkedIn LinkedIn Platform is a professional social platform, on LinkedIn LinkedIn if there is no association with each other is unable to send invitations to add friends, and send invitations can only be sent one at a time. Most critical of all, each account is sent limit, each account can send only about 3000 of unsolicited invitations, more than can not send invitations, which greatly limits the efficiency of adding friends.

Before you introduce the leading software, you can break this limit, in the LinkedIn LinkedIn a key batch of add friends, through keyword search, matching to want friends, through a key to send invitations, to achieve rapid batch add friends effect, eliminating the repetitive operation cumbersome, saving a lot of time costs, Increase productivity and efficiently add the customers you want. (You can read the previous article if you want to know)

Friends who have used LinkedIn know that LinkedIn LinkedIn on the other side can find a person can also find the company's information, through the company member information can find the company leader, that when we need to find such companies, can also batch add this company's network, improve efficiency, the answer is yes, The following is to introduce the latest feature--one-click View Company members + batch plus friends.

1. Open the LinkedIn website, pop up the front-runner interface, select company options.

2. Enter the information you need to find in the input box, click the Search icon to search for the company information you need, you can tick the bulk of the company.

3. Mouse on the company name above, there appears a vertical three points logo, click can sniff company information.

4. Click the company icon you want to find, jump to the People interface, you can search out the company members

5. Tick the people you need to add, click the Add option, enter the edit message interface, you can enter the information in the message box, you can use the name of the automatic variable salutation, you can add attachments, click Send to complete the operation.

Very convenient and efficient, able to add members of the company's network, convenient and quick to establish contact with the target customers, expand your network and improve the efficiency.

There are a lot of features on this tool that do not know how to download the installation using can click to learn more,

Have friends to this very interested, and do not know where the tool specific to register use, the following registration methods also teach you, you can refer to the next.

Just go to the below public number to register the download to use:

After the attention can be registered, you can apply to the above LinkedIn efficient development skills, pay attention to the public number, share more LinkedIn LinkedIn efficient customer development cheats.

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