Linux Kernel 4.6 is about to be released

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important things say three times! Open Source News: Linux kernel 4.6 will be released soon! Open Source News: Linux kernel 4.6 will be released soon! Open Source News: Linux kernel 4.6 is about to be released!!!

Linux kernel 4.6 will be released on 5/15th. In the Sunday routine release, Linus Torvalds released the last RC version of the 4.6 kernel: RC7. If everything is as normal as it is now, then a week later, we will be able to usher in the release of the 4.6 kernel. Since 4.6 is going to be released so soon, and it seems that the development is all right, obviously the quality is optimistic, so each release will definitely be actively followed up in the next release. For example, Canonical announced that Ubuntu 16.10 would be based on Linux kernel 4.6, while Manjaro Linux also announced that its 15.12 would support the 4.6 kernel. Of course, the Linux distributions released before the 4.6 release will not wait for 4.6 releases, such as Porteus Linux 3.2, which released the second RC version, only supports 4.5.3. Mlinux released the 18.0 support for 4.4.8 LTS.

Support for 32-bit architectures will be discontinued in Debian 9. The

Board computer version of the Chromium OS is now available for purchase from the project, and it has a pre-installed, single-board computer version of the Chromium OS SD card.

Version Change
Waha Linux released version 8.4, but seems to have skipped version 8.3. It is a Debian-based distribution, this upgrade is mainly to solve some of the upstream Debian security issues. This should be a distribution from the Arab world, and its announcements are in Arabic. The Extix, which calls itself "Ultimate Linux", released version 16.2, which absorbed a lot of content from Debian 8.4 Jessie/debian 9 and Ubuntu 16.04, but removed Unity and applied KDE.
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Linux Kernel 4.6 is about to be released

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