Linux Kernel Analysis Course summary

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  • How the computer works
  • How the operating system works
  • Construct a simple Linux system menuos
  • Working mechanism of system call (top)
  • Working mechanism of System invocation (bottom)
  • Description and creation of the process
  • Loading of executable programs
  • Process switching and the general process of system execution

Learning Summary:


Through this course, I have systematically and deeply studied the relevant structure and design principles of the operating system kernel, unlike before, "Linux kernel analysis" led us to start with the Linux kernel source code, really fundamentally understand the Linux working mechanism. In the process, I tried to construct a simple Linux system and write and execute some simple system calls, and also initially mastered the GDB remote debugging method, by setting breakpoints, one-step operation to understand the behavior and principle of each line of code.


Many problems still remain on the surface, but they do not know the reason why. There is a lot of difficulty in reading code because the foundation is not strong enough, and many code does not really understand the meaning.

Linux Kernel Analysis Course summary

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