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Video Lectures on real-time Systems, Task scheduling,memory Compression, Memory BARRIERS,SMP

    1. linux Kernel development -  Robert love
    2. understanding the Linux kernel -   Daniel P. Bovet, Marco cesati
    3. the Art of Linux KerneL design -  Yang Lixiang
    4. Professional Linux Kernel architecture -  Wolfgang mauerer
    5. Design of the UNIX operatin g system -  Maurice J. Bach
    6. Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory manager -  Mel Gorman
    7. linux Kernel internals -  Tigran Aivazian
    8. Embedded linux primer& nbsp;-  Christopher Hallinan
    1. Understanding Linux Network Internals- Christian Benvenuti
    2. Linux Kernel networking:implementation and theory- Rami Rosen
    3. UNIX Network Programming- W. Richard Stevens
    4. The definitive guide to Linux Network programming- Keir Davis, John W. Turner, Nathan yocom
    5. The Linux TCP/IP stack:networking for Embedded Systems- Thomas F. Herbert
    6. Linux Socket Programming by Example- Warren W. Gay
    7. Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO- Bert Hubert

    1. Linux debugging and Performance tuning -  Steve best
    2. Linux applications Debugging Te chniques -  Aurelian melinte
    3. debugging with Gdb:the GNU source-level debugger -  Roland H. Pesch
    4. debugging Embedded linux -  Christopher Hallinan
    5. the Art of debugging with GDB, DDD, and eclipse -  Norman S. Matloff
    6. why Programs fail:a Guide to systematic debugging -  Andreas Zeller
    7. Software EXORCISM:A Handbook for debugging and Optimizing Legacy code -  Bill Blunden
    8. debugging:finding most elusive software and Hardware problems -  David J. Agans
    9. Debugging by Thinking:a multidisciplinary approach -  Robert Charles Metzger
    10. Find the bug:a Book of incorrect programs -  Adam Barr

    1. Linux File Systems- Moshe Bar
    2. Linux filesystems- William Von Hagen
    3. UNIX filesystems:evolution, Design, and implementation- Steve D. Pate
    4. Practical File System Design- Dominic Giampaolo
    5. File System Forensic analysis- Brian Carrier
    6. Linux Filesystem Hierarchy- Binh Nguyen
    7. Btrfs:the Linux b-tree Filesystem- Ohad Rodeh
    8. Stegfs:a steganographic File System for Linux- Andrew D. McDonald, Markus G. Kuhn

    1. hacking:the Art of exploitation -  Jon Erickson
    2. the Rootkit arsenal:escape and Eva Sion in the Dark corners of the system -  Bill Blunden
    3. Hacking exposed:network Security secre ts -  Stuart McClure, Joel scambray, George Kurtz
    4. A Guide to Kernel exploitation:attacking th e core -  Enrico Perla, Massimiliano Oldani
    5. the Art of Memory forensics -  Michael Hale Ligh, Andrew case, Jamie Levy, AAron Walters
    6. practical Reverse engineering -  Bru Ce Dang, Alexandre gazet, Elias bachaalany
    7. practical Malware analysis -  Michael Sikorski, an Drew Honig
    8. Maximum linux security:a Hacker ' s Guide to protecting Your Linux server -  Anonymo US
    9. Linux security -  Craig Hunt
    10. Real World Linux security -  Bob toxen

    1. Linux Kernel Development
    2. Understanding the Linux Kernel, third Edition
    3. Professional Linux Kernel Architecture
    4. Essential Linux Device Drivers
    5. Linux Device Drivers
    6. Linux Kernel Programming (3rd Edition)
    7. LF320 Linux Kernel Internals and debugging
    8. Linux System programming:talking Directly to the Kernel and C Library
    9. Writing Linux Device drivers:a guide with exercises

    • Book:robert Love, Linux Kernel Development, 3rd edition
    • Book:corbet, Rubini, Linux Device Drivers, 3rd edition (free version here)
    • Book:linux Kernel In a nutshell (free version here)
    • Free material provided by free electrons

LINUX kernel and systemtap +go expert blog A [system software engineer] 's handy doodle

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