Linux uses FFmpeg to convert audio formats

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# ffmpeg-y-i "1.avi"-title "Test"-vcodec xvid-s 368x208-r 29.97-b 1500-acodec aac-ac 2-ar 24000-ab 128-vol 200 The-F psp-muxvb 768 "output.wmv" is explained below:

-y overwrites the output file, that is, if the output.wmv file already exists, overwrite it without prompting
-I "1.avi" input file is a 1.avi file with FFmpeg in the same directory, you can add the path, change the name
-title the title of the movie displayed in the PSP with "Test"
-VCODEC XviD compressed video using XviD encoding, can not be changed
-S 368x208 output resolution of 368x208, note that the source must be 16:9 or deformation
-R 29.97 Frames, this is the general use of this bar
-B 1500 video data traffic, with-b xxxx instructions using fixed code rate, the number of random change, more than 1500 no effect; You can also use dynamic bitrate such as:-qscale 4 and-qscale 6,4 of the mass ratio of 6 high
-acodec AAC Audio codec with AAC
-AC 2 channel number 1 or 2
-ar 24000 Sound sampling frequency, as if the PSP can only support 24000Hz
-AB 128 audio Data traffic, 32, 64, 96, 128 are generally selected
-vol 200 200% volume, change your
-muxvb 768 seems to be to the PSP machine recognition of the bitrate, generally choose 384, 512 and 768, I changed to 1500,PSP said the file is damaged
-F PSP output PSP private format
"output.wmv" Output file name, you can also add path to change the file name

# ffmpeg-ss 00:00:00-t 00:00:03-y-i test.mp4-vcodec copy-acodec copy test1.mp4 #视频裁剪

The explanations are as follows:

The above example is to regenerate a new video in the first 3 seconds of the Test.mp4 video.

-ss start time, such as: 00:00:00, indicates that the format can be 00:00:0 from 0 seconds

-t time, such as: 00:00:03, the interception of 3 seconds long video, format can also be 00:00:3

-y if the file already exists forced replacement;

-I input, followed by a space, followed by the input video file;

-vcodec copy and-acodec copy represent the encoded format of the video and audio to be used, which is specified as copy for copy;

8,000 Hz-the sample rate used by the phone is enough for people to speak
11,025 Hz
22,050 Hz-Sample rate for radio broadcasts
32,000 Hz-minidv Digital Video camcorder, DAT (LP mode) sampling rate
44,100 Hz-Audio CD, also commonly used for MPEG-1 audio (VCD, SVCD, MP3) sampling rate
47,250 Hz-Sampling rate for commercial PCM recorders
48,000 sampling rate for digital sound used in Hz-minidv, digital TV, DVDs, DAT, movies, and professional audio
50,000 Hz-sampling rate for commercial digital recorders
96,000 or 192,000 Hz-dvd-audio, some LPCM DVD tracks, Bd-rom (Blu-ray Disc) tracks, and Hd-dvd (high definition DVD) audio tracks used by the sample rate
The sampling rate used by the 1-bit sigma-delta modulation process of 2.8224 mhz-direct Stream Digital.

Linux uses FFmpeg to convert audio formats

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