List of x $ tables and how the names are derived

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X $ the table name is too hard to remember. record it for future reference.
[K] ernel Layer
[2]-phase commit
[G] lobal [T] ransaction [e] ntry
X $ k2gte-current 2 PC TX
X $ k2gte2-current 2 PC TX
[C] ache Layer
[B] uffer Management
Buffer [H] Ash
X $ bh-hash table
Buffer LRU statistics
X $ kcbcbh-[c] urrent [B] uffers (buckets)-lru_statistics
X $ kcbrbh-[R] ecent [B] uffers (buckets)-lru_extended
Buffer [Wait] S
X $ kcbwait-waits by block class
X $ kcbfwait-waits by file
[W] orking sets-7.3 or higher
X $ kcbwds-set [d] escriptors
[C] ontrol File Management
[C] ontrol [f] Ile list-7.0.16 or higher
X $ kcccf-control file names & Status
[D] atabase [I] nformation
X $ kccdi-database information
Data [f] Iles
X $ kccfe-file [e] ntries (from control file)
X $ kccfn-[f] Ile [N] Ames
[L] og files
X $ kccle-Log File [e] ntries
X $ kcclh-log [H] istory (archive entries)
Thread Information
X $ kccrt-[R] Edo [T] hread Information
[F] Ile Management
X $ kcfio-file [iO] statistics
[L] ock Manager Component (LCK)
[H] Ash and bucket tables-7.0.15 to 7.1.1, and 7.2.0 or higher
X $ kclfh-file [H] Ash table
X $ kclfi-file bucket table
X $ le-lock [e] lements
X $ le_stat-lock conversion [stat] istics
X $ kclfx-lock element [f] Ree list statistics-7.3 or higher
X $ kclls-per LCK Free List statistics-7.3 or higher
X $ kclqn-[N] ame (hash) Table statistics-7.3 or higher
[R] Edo component
[M] EDIA recovery-kcra. H-7.3 or higher
X $ kcrmf-[f] Ile Context
X $ kcrmt-[T] hread Context
X $ kcrmx-recovery Conte [x] T
[F] Ile read
X $ kcrfx-File Read Conte [x] T-7.3 or higher
Reco [v] ery component
[F] Ile [H] eaders
X $ kcvfh-all file headers
X $ kcvfhmrr-files with [m] EDIA [R] ecovery [R] equired
X $ kcvfhonl-[onl] ine file headers
[K] ompatibility management-7.1.1 or higher
X $ kckce-[c] ompatibility segment [e] ntries
X $ kckty-compatibility [ty] PES
X $ kckfm-compatibility [f] or [m] ATS (index into x $ kckce)
[D] ata Layer
Sequence [N] umber component
X $ kdnce-sequence [c] ache [e] ntries-7.2 or lower
[S] equence enqueues-common area for enqueue objects
X $ kdnssc-[c] ache enqueue objects-7.2 or lower
X $ kdnssf-[f] lush enqueue objects-7.2 or lower
X $ kdnst-Cache [st] atistics-7.2 or lower
Inde [x] block component
X $ kdxhs-index [H] I [s] Togram
X $ kdxst-index [st] atistics
[G] eneric Layer
[H] EAP Manager
X $ kghlu-State (Summary) of [l] R [u] heap (S)-defined in KSMH. h
[I] nstantiation Manager
[C] ursor [c] ache
X $ kgicc-session statistics-defined in kqlf. h
X $ kgics-system wide statistics-defined in kqlf. h
[L] ibrary cache manager (defined and mapped from kqlf)
Bind variables
X $ ksbv-library object [B] ind [v] ariables
Object Cache
X $ kglob-All [ob] jects
X $ kgltable-filter for [Table] S
X $ kglbody-filter for [body] (packages)
X $ kgltrigger-filter for [Trigger] S
X $ kglindex-filter for [Index] es
X $ kglcluster-filter for [cluster] S
X $ kglcursor-filter for [cursor] S
Cache dependency
X $ kgldp-object [d] E [p] endency table
X $ kglrd-[R] EAD only [d] ependency table-7.3 or higher
Object locks
X $ kgllk-object [l] oC [k] S
Object names
X $ kglna-object [Na] MES (SQL text)
X $ kglna1-object [Na] MES (SQL text) with newlines-7.2.0 or higher
Object pins
X $ kglpn-object [p] I [N] S
Cache statistics
X $ kglst-library cache [st] atistics
Translation table
X $ kgltr-Address [tr] anslation
Access Table
X $ kglxs-Object Access Table
Authorization Table-7.1.5 or higher
X $ kglau-object authorization table
Latch cleanup-7.0.15 or higher
X $ kgllc-[l] atch [c] leanup for Cache/pin latches
[K] ompile Layer
[S] hared objects
X $ ksai-cursor [a] llocation [I] nformation-7.3.2 or higher
[L] oader
[L] ibrary
X $ kllcnt-[c] O [nt] ROL statistics
X $ klltab-[Tab] Le statistics
[M] ulti-threaded Layer
[C] ircuit component
X $ kmcqs-current [Q] ueue [s] tate
X $ kmcvc-[v] irtual [c] ircuit state
[M] onitor server/dispatcher
[D] ispatcher
X $ kmmdi-[d] ispatcher [I] nfo (Status)
X $ kmmdp-[d] ispatcher config ([p] rotocol info)
[S] erver
X $ kmmsi-[s] erver [I] nfo (Status)
X $ kmmsg-[SG] A Info (global statistics)
X $ kmmrd-[R] equest timing [d] istributions
S [Q] l version and option Layer
Kernel [v] ersions
X $ version-library versions
Kernel [O] ptions-7.1.3 or higher
X $ option-server options
[Q] uery Layer
[D] ictionary Cache Management
X $ kqdpg-[PG] A Row cache cursor statistics
[F] ixed tables/views management
X $ kmeanco-table [CO] lumn Definitions
X $ k1_dt-[d] erived [T] Ables
X $ kmeansz-kernel data structure type [s] I [Z] es
X $ kqfta-fixed [Ta] bles
X $ k1_vi-fixed [VI] EWS
X $ k1_vt-[v] iew [T] ext definition-7.2.0 or higher
[R] Ow Cache Management
X $ kqrst-Cache [st] atistics
X $ kqrpd-[p] arent cache [d] efinition-7.1.5 or higher
X $ kqrsd-[s] ubordinate cache [d] efinition-7.1.5 or higher
[S] ervice Layer
[B] ackground Management
[D] etached Process
X $ ksbdd-detached process [d] efinition (Info)
X $ ksbdp-detached [p] rocess Descriptor (name)
X $ messages-Background message table
[I] nstance [m] anagement-7.3 or higher
X $ ksimat-instance [at] Tributes
X $ ksimav-[a] ttribute [v] alues for all instances
X $ ksimsi-[s] erial and [I] nstance numbers
[L] ock Management
[E] vent waits
X $ ksled-event [d] escriptors
X $ kslei-[I] nstance wide statistics since startup
X $ ksles-current [s] ession statistics
[L] atches
X $ kslld-latch [d] escriptor (name)
X $ ksllt-latch statistics [+ child latches @ 7.3 or higher]
X $ ksllw-latch context ([W] here) descriptors-7.3 or higher
X $ kslpo-latch [po] st statistics-7.3 or higher
X $ kslwsc-No [w] AIT and [s] LEEP [c] ount stats by context-7.3 or higher
[M] Emory Management
[C] ontext Areas
X $ ksmcx-E [x] tended statistics on usage-7.3.1 or lower
Heap Areas
X $ ksmsp-SGA hea [p]
X $ ksmpp-[p] GA hea [p]-7.3.2 and above
X $ ksmup-[u] GA hea [p]-7.3.2 and above
X $ ksmhp-any [H] EA [p]-7.3.2 and above
X $ ksmspr-[s] hared [p] ool [R] eserved list-7.1.5 or higher
[L] East recently used Shared Pool chunks
X $ ksmlru-LR [u] flushes from the Shared Pool
[S] GA objects
X $ ksmsd-size [d] efinition for fixed/variable Summary
X $ ksmss-Statistics (lengths) of SGA objects
SGA [mem] Ory
X $ ksmmem-map of the entire SGA-7.2.0 or higher
X $ ksmfsv-Addresses of [f] ixed [s] Ga [v] ariables-7.2.1 or higher
[P] arameter component
X $ ksppi-[p] arameter [I] nfo (names)
X $ ksppcv-[c] urrent session [v] alues-7.3.2 or above
X $ ksppsv-[s] ystem [v] alues-7.3.2 or above
En [Q] ueue Management
X $ ksqdn-global [d] atabase [N] AME
X $ ksqeq-[e] n [Q] ueue object
X $ ksqrs-enqueue [R] E [s] ource
X $ ksqst-enqueue [s] tatistics by [T] ype
[U] ser Management
[C] ost
X $ ksucf-cost [f] unction (resource limit)
[L] icence
X $ ksull-Licence [l] imits
[L] anguage Manager
X $ nls_parameters-NLS Parameters
X $ ksulv-NLS [v] alid values-7.1.2 or higher
[My] [st] atistics
X $ ksumysta-[my] [st] atisics (current session)
[P] rocess info
X $ ksupl-process (Resource) [l] imits
X $ ksuprlat-[lat] ch holder
X $ ksupr-process object
[R] esource
X $ ksuru-resource [u] SAGE
[S] tatistics
X $ ksusd-[d] escriptors (Statistic names)
X $ ksusgsta-[g] lobal [st] atistics
[Se] ssions
X $ ksusecst-session status for events
X $ ksusesta-session [sta] tistics
X $ ksusecon-[con] nection Authentication-7.2.1 or higher
X $ ksuse-[se] ssion info
X $ ksusio-[s] ystem [iO] statistics per session
[T] Random
X $ ksum-Ti [m] e in 1/100th seconds
Instance [x]
X $ ksuxsinst-[inst] ance state
[T] race Management
X $ trace-current traced events
X $ traces-all possible traces
X $ kstex-code [Ex] ecution-7.2.1 or higher
E [x] ecution Management
Device/node [a] ffinity-7.3.2 and above
X $ ksxafa-current file/node affinity
[T] ransaction Layer
Table [a] ccess [d] efinition
X $ ktadm-d [m] l lock
[C] ontrol component
X $ ktcxb-transaction o [B] ject
[S] or [T] segments-7.3 or higher
X $ ktstssd-[s] ORT [s] egment [d] escriptor-per tablespace statistics
[T] ablespace
X $ kttvs-[v] alid [s] aveundo
[U] Ndo
X $ kturd-inuse [d] escriptors
X $ ktuxe-transaction [e] ntry (table)-7.3.2 or abve
Performance layer [v]-7.0.16 or higher
[I] nformation tables
X $ kvii-[I] nitialisation instance Parameters
X $ kvis-[s] izes of structure elements
X $ kvit-[T] ransitory instance Parameters
Security Layer [Z]
[D] ictionary component
X $ kzdos-[OS] roles
[S] ecurity state
X $ kzspr-enabled [pr] ivileges
X $ kzsro-enabled [Ro] Les
[R] emote logins-7.1.1 or higher
X $ kzsrt-[R] emote Password File [T] able entries
E [x] ecution Layer
Parallel query (execute [f] AST)-7.1.1 or higher
[P] rocess and Queue Manager
Statistics-7.1.3 or higher
X $ kxfpys-s [YS] TEM statistics
X $ kxfpdp-[d] etached [p] rocess (slave) Statistics
X $ kxfqsrow-table [Q] ueue statistics-7.3.2 or higher
[C] oordinator component
X $ kxfpcst-Query [st] atistics
X $ kxfpcms-[m] essage [s] tatistics
X $ kxfpcds-[d] equeue [s] tatistics
[S] lave component
X $ kxfpsst-Query [st] atistics
X $ kxfpsms-[m] essage [s] tatistics
X $ kxfpcds-[d] equeue [s] tatistics
[S] hared cursor
X $ kxsbd-[B] ind [d] ata-7.3.2 and above
X $ kxscc-SQL [c] ursor [c] ache data-7.3.2 and above
[N] etwork layer-7.0.15 or higher
Network [CO] nnections
X $ uganco-current [N] etwork [CO] nnections

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