Litins debuted at the Tenth China Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Summit

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On September 6, (tenth) China manufacturing supply chain management summit sponsored by e-works digital enterprise network was held in Qingdao.

As a leading solution provider for smart factories in China, litins is invited to attend the event. It has gathered with well-known experts in the information field, supply chain managers of well-known manufacturing enterprises, and major supply chain management solution providers at home and abroad, this article discusses the development trend, application cases and Solutions of manufacturing supply chain management informatization. Litins shared the key points and solutions for the construction of smart factories in the entire supply chain.
Supply chain management is the key to driving manufacturing enterprises from weak to strong.
In 2018, the "ZTE incident" imposed by the United States against ZTE led to heavy crisis in upstream and downstream enterprises of ZTE's supply chain, which aroused strong reflection from every stage of the society. In addition to the need for independent innovation and R & D, the lack of supply chain management in Chinese manufacturing enterprises has become more prominent.
Therefore, enterprises must strengthen the information management of the logistics supply chain to reduce supply chain costs. Reducing supply chain costs becomes a key link for manufacturing enterprises to increase profits. Manufacturing Enterprises must strengthen supply chain collaboration and work closely with suppliers, distributors and retailers to improve the rapid response capability of the entire supply chain and improve customer satisfaction.
Analysis of tips
Litins, which has been deeply engaged in enterprise digital transformation and smart factory solutions for many years, offers suggestions for enterprise customers in various industries. At the Conference, litins) senior consultants gave a brilliant speech on "smart factory construction for the entire supply chain.

Litins senior consultants discuss with attendees and point out that compared with traditional supply chain management, we need to build a comprehensive data-driven, user-centric "digital" supply chain.

Digital Supply Chain has many advantages, such as information sharing and strategic collaboration. Traditional supply chains are characterized by information silos, non-real-time information exchanges, and structural information. However, digital supply chains can interact with information in real time through big data, Iot, and digital collaboration platforms, it allows enterprises to easily master the entire supply network. Traditional Supply chains need to work out plans and processes with partners, rather than real-time, non-intelligent cognitive analysis and prediction. The digital supply chain can be expanded with the Internet of Things, and digital collaboration and artificial intelligence can improve prediction accuracy.
In the face of the entire supply chain architecture, jiaxie (litins) fully absorbs decades of experience in Enterprise Informatization Construction at home and abroad, especially for discrete manufacturing enterprises, it deeply integrates the process specifications of domestic discrete manufacturing industry and the actual needs of enterprises and develops a digital product system featuring high professionalism, high maturity.
Based on the Smart factory blueprint and the litworks platform, the litswise product system enables automatic data collection, device integration and monitoring management, product information traceability throughout the entire process, and intelligent operation management, product service management effectively integrates the Internal Marketing, planning, logistics, production, and quality business systems of the enterprise to improve the supply chain response and processing capabilities of the entire enterprise.
In the future, litins will continue to face and try new development opportunities and challenges in the new journey of smart Transformation in China's manufacturing industry, adhering to the concept and spirit of innovation, A digital and intelligent solution suitable for the Chinese market is released. Let Chinese software become an important force driving China's future industry!

Litins debuted at the Tenth China Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Summit

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