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Today, on the lawn at the lake in the Olympic Sports Center, I finally finished reading the biography of jobos. Thanks to the continuous overtime work in the past week, I got home at every day. The remaining one hour is not enough to learn technical things (I think I have been learning technical things for a long time, it takes two hours. But when I spent more than two hours, I may waste the two hours for "rest ).

In the course of reading this book, I became more and more aware of Steve Jobs as a "scum". He was a scum, at least for gay people and couples. When Apple was founded, he stole Woz's design for the Apple Computer. During Apple's development, he stole the results of the mackint computer... he always thinks it is appropriate to steal others' results, and the results belong to him. He refused to marry Christian and refused to pay support for his daughter. No one in his eyes will drive away his comrades in arms for a small matter. In order to gain Apple's power, he used various "means" which were so mean and shameless. He is mean to employees. Many people who work under him refuse to return to him.

Steve Jobs reminds me of another person named -------- Mao Zedong.

Mao is always standing in the fight of the Party (this is worse than Steve Jobs ). From a large and small recorder to the last standing on the Tiananmen floor, there were so many experiences in the middle. They all once cracked down on their opponents, even if they were former comrades-in-arms. At this point, Mao is much better than Steve Jobs, and Mao is always on the Internet for those who once supported him in the crisis of Mao. Lao Mao also prefers to take the achievements of others as existing ones. For example, Peng Dehuai came from the theory of "Sports war. When I read that Steve Jobs was driving out of apple, I went to the current CEO of Apple in private and looked down to identify the mistake, so I couldn't help but think of old Mao. After the Zunyi Meeting, old Mao beat the table and prepared to quit at a meeting due to a command failure. It was a blessing. I didn't expect everyone to decide not to let him take the lead. He went to Zhou Enlai alone at night (Zhou was the top leader in the party at that time) and asked to take the document about withdrawal of old Mao's position slowly. It is hard to imagine what kind of mentality he was at ordinary times. In their hearts, there is only one thing, that is success.

There is a kind of people who can do whatever they want to succeed. Their definition of success is also different from that of ordinary people, not in the general sense. As for the popular houses, cars, and women's values, they are 108,000 miles away from them. Their success is a sense of accomplishment brought about by victory over everything and change the world.

Where did Steve Jobs change the power of the world?

I think his greatest magic is to drive a group of people with full dreams to realize their dreams. What you do now is what you want to do, that is, what can realize the value of your life. Why do you refuse? In "the weakness of human nature", Carnegie OLA once said that if others feel that they are doing something noble, they will be willing to do it. Realize your own dreams and others' dreams, so that others will not care about stress and reward. Of course, the premise is that you have found such a person, and those who are desperate for their dreams are often talents or even geniuses. In fact, this is also a people-oriented approach.

The persistence of his dream is Steve Jobs's greatest spiritual strength. Due to this persistence, he has a strong heart that ordinary people do not have. He can call investors several times a day. He can work more than 10 hours a day for only one dream.

When many people grow up, they give up what they once wanted and start building a car. Is this really what you wanted first, or is it the value that others have attached to you? You tell others that I cannot have a dream, and society is cruel. Is it true that Steve Jobs experienced more and more serious setbacks and failures than most people in his career. But he never gave up. He is still stubborn as a child. He is not willing to waste time worrying about others' opinions on him.

How many entrepreneurs, at the beginning of their business, did not consider making money, making money, or even the so-called business model cloud. They just want to do what they like and drive them with an uneasy heart. In fact, only such a person can succeed. For the sake of money, people who have failed several times or have been ridiculed by others have retreated to study other ways of making money.

This is the greatest power of your persistence in your dreams. Everyone has wings. Some people forget how to fly when they grow up.

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