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Not to say he is a project, because the inside contains four or five works, can not call the project again. VS called solution solution ...

before the tutorial did, did not do the original solution backup, intend to regenerate again, but found it very easy to lose the loss of steps, the original solution changed beyond recognition, especially in a variety of main programs mixed together, a mess of files to keep who does not leave.

So I'm going to rearrange the ways to build vs solutions.

The reorganization process is as follows Create a new solution and four library projects and build the library file:

First create a new path as the solution root and create four new empty project empty projects: Basicusageenvironment, Groupsock, Livemedia, usageenvironment

The path is generated. live555 the corresponding four paths to copy over, merging, simply said that is the source file and header file path, do not worry to add source files to project engineering, add also into, is to add ready-made files add->existing item, the corresponding path of the *.cpp are added, Perhaps you also need to look carefully, don't miss the *.c file.

Then the reference header file is clicked on each item individually, properties property, configuration Vc++directories. Set the includedirectories inside. I can't find them. Add a vs little common sense:

See. To the left, this configuration properties is a drop-down arrow. And then the options are all there, and then you can change it merrily:

set reference relationships as follows:

Basicusageenviroment In addition to the need to introduce the files under your include folder, you also need to introduce the include files under the Groupsock, usageenvironment folders.

The files that Groupsock need to introduce are: Files under their own include, Basicusageenvironment, usageenvironment folders under the Include files.

The files that Livemedia need to introduce are: Files under their own include, Basicusageenvironment, Groupsock, and Usageenvironment folders under the include file.

The files that usageenvironment need to introduce are: Files under their own include, Basicusageenvironment, Groupsock folders under the Include files.

Quote finished also need to four items to set the output path, in the Properties->configuration properties->general->outputdirectory set the path, the general relative path is better, More general point, others look comfortable, their own "move" to facilitate, such as a. /outfile, is the outfile path at the top level.

Do not close on the same page, Project defaults inside configuration Type, change the application of. exe to the. lib file of the static library.

The Target extention extension pathname is also changed to. lib

Set basic finish, right click on Solution solution, click Build to generate solution. Don't point that local Windows Debugger, it's not the time to do that.

After the lower right corner of the read bar is not too long, four. lib library file in the path you set (... \outfile) generates a

To add an executable project and run the project:

Add a MediaServer project to the same solution and add the source file DynamicRTSPServer.cpp and live555MediaServer.cpp (in fact, live555 MediaServer to merge).

Do not think DynamicRTSPServer.cpp no main function, inconspicuous, no he can not run, must be added to the project, this is the lesson.

This time the project settings are different from the four in front, and you need to refer to the four libraries with the include path already mediaserver your own include path

Build target and configuration type target Extension, Configuration type targets also need not be changed to Lib, is exe file.

The most important is the linker linker settings:

Add in additional Library directories in general. \outfile (You can put the four lib to any path, this piece is set to the path is over)

Input is the focus, the four Lib file name and Ws2_32.lib are added, separated by semicolons






Final Project Distribution effect chart

Resource Browser Browsing effect:

Finally, don't forget to right-click the MediaServer project and set it to startup item set as Startup Project

The local Windows debugger is generated and running.

It should be no problem.

The Live555 vs solution is generated, and the next step is to modify the debugging.

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