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Livehelp-[Software Development]
2007-02 2
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I once saw an online customer service system on a vendor's website, and I felt very good at the time. Recently, I found out that the system name should be "website Business Channel". The English name is livereception. It is a proprietary system developed by a Chinese company and has many functions. If you are interested, you can check its home page. After searching, there are products in China with names similar to live.

Later, I found another similar open-source system on the Internet. It is based on PHP and named crafty syntax Live Help. The function is also good. It is different from the form of Windows program in "website Business Channel, its client is also web-based.

Livehelp requires support from PHP and MySQL. Currently, livehelp has no Chinese version. Livehelp is based on GPL authorization and is free for most enterprises.

The cost of using the online customer service system is not high, which is very helpful for strengthening communication with users. It is faster and more professional than e-mail, message, phone number, QQ, and MSN, and also helps to improve the corporate image. The basic functions of each product are similar. You can choose one based on your technical capabilities and financial resources.

The following is the language file I changed when I tried livehelp. It only changed a small part, which is applicable to 2.10.0 and placed under the Lang directory. Http://

Reference link:

Website business:

Crafty syntax Live Help:

Crafty syntax Live Help interface:

Source code for crafty syntax Live Help

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