Living in the present: What do you always insist on in your life?

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Since the first articleArticleLive nowAfter the article was published, it was reposted by many netizens and websites. At that time, many emails were received, and many friends expressed their feelings of bitterness and agreed with it; there are also many friends who do not have hope for it and lose confidence...


Here, we will start with a small thing. When my good friend chatted with me, he said: I think you are constantly writing things every day. You can really write. If I were, I couldn't squeeze a word! At that time, I replied: Man, what do you always insist on in your life!


In fact, before that, I have been trying to do a lot of things. In this way, I also did things, and finally I did nothing. In the end, I fell into a lot of disappointment. Sometimes I think about it: I found that I did a lot of things, but I can't tell what they mean to myself. Looking back, if you want to educate future generations one day and tell them some meaningful experiences, you may feel like you have never done anything! In fact, you can also find a lot of reasons for yourself. It can be said that it is "reviewing the current situation and recognizing the current situation", it can also be said that it is "abandoned halfway, no perseverance, no persistence, leading, and ending with a snake ".


After hearing this story, I am very ashamed (do not say "Women are not as good as men", women are much more emotional than men ). I think that I have never done anything "No regrets", but I am sorry.

From that time on, start to change yourself: 1. stick to exercise to ensure the body (the proxy in the beauty program, exercise every day, because his mother said: keep the body, sooner or later the Liu's family of the world); 2. stick to something meaningful.


Every day, persistence begins. These small things may seem meaningless, but they actually train a person's perseverance and patience. In fact, many big people have the habit of sticking to each day. Chairman Mao reads books and eyebrows every day. Napoleon writes diaries every day. Hugo writes love letters every day... during these years, we found that starting a company or learning technology is not a one-stop process. We need to keep thinking every day. You can think about some of the successful individuals and enterprises that have been around for many years. On the contrary, those enterprises that have been running fast are also dying fast, such as the group purchase network. Without accumulation, it is difficult to make things (not absolute )!


Because sticking to doing something every day also increases confidence and a sense of accomplishment: no matter what the day is like, whether the company is scolded or angry, but at least today I have insisted on doing some things. At least this day I have added points to my perseverance.


Looking back one day, when I was educating my children, I said: My generation may not have done anything earth-shattering. In the arena of my career, I may be a loser, but in the arena of will, I am a winner. If you stick to what you want to do every day, you will do better than me! This kind of hard work may be more valuable than money! Isn't China often saying that "only three generations are rich"? As long as you stick to it from generation to generation, it will be rich!


Every industry and career has a lot of helplessness and their respective "difficulties". But what we can do is to stick to what we stick to every day. You can think about what we stick!


It is not because of hope, but because of persistence!

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