LoadRunner Basics Getting Started Tutorial

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From LoadRunner English literally to understand is load runner, why say it? For the IT software industry workers, such as developers and testers must not be unfamiliar with the load under the conditions of running the Software or Web page business. From another comparison of the image of the understanding is "the last straw to crush the camel" here the straw is the business of software, LoadRunner This software is to test the "camel" can withstand how much weight.

  • Build LoadRunner Environment

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    LoadRunner is a performance testing software, through the simulation of real user behavior, through the load, concurrency and performance of real-time monitoring and completion of the test report, analysis of the system may exist bottlenecks, LoadRunner one of the most effective means is concurrency control, through the console settings, In order to achieve the same business while simulating thousands of users to operate. We can see that LR is a software owned by HP, and the software belongs to the commercial software, as a commercial software, LR is very powerful in terms of functionality, especially test report after testing and real-time monitoring of performance is very good, the small part of the trial version here for everyone to explain.

LoadRunner Basics Getting Started Tutorial

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