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Because my testing machine is Huawei's u8800, it has built-in clients of our company at factory time, so during testing, we cannot always install our testing program, it turns out that even if You unmount the package, you can still use the 360 mobile phone assistant, but you cannot completely uninstall it. The package that you installed always exists. You can just flash it. The version has been changed to mini_4.0 and Xiaomi's version 4.0. The user experience is really good, but a new problem arises. During the test, the log information in logcat cannot be displayed, which makes debugging troublesome. I checked it online,

Solution 1: (I won't work here)

Android logcat does not print information

In Android development using eclipse, logcat is often used to output no information, which makes debugging programs inconvenient. Solution: window --> show View --> select devices under Android, open devices, and click the screenshot on the right. When it appears, logcat will get the information!

In addition, if logcat does not have any information after the above method is tried, the logcat window is closed and re-opened.

Solution 2: (I can't do it here, because Xiaomi's 4.0 system has deleted the log files to speed up. During the test, a log file cannot be found)

Address: http://www.cnitblog.com/asfman/articles/73230.html

Android logcat has no information output

This method is not only effective for u8500, but also effective for logcat output of other android handheld devices.
Problem: after connecting the mobile phone to the computer, make sure that the driver is installed and the debug mode is enabled. The process information is displayed in ddms, but no information is output in logcat.
Cause: logcat is disabled by default in some rom
Problem description: In ddms, the display of the device name as a question mark does not affect, that is, the display of ADB get-serialno as a question mark does not affect.
1. Root permission required (not required for some rom)
2. Open logcat and set the level
ADB Shell
Echo 1>/sys/kernel/logger/log_main/enable // here is a comment, write 1 to the switch file, 1 to open, 0 to off
Echo 2> In/sys/kernel/logger/log_main/Priority //, the comment is used to write level 2 to the priority file.
3. Restart ADB. If eclipse is used, disable eclipse, restart ADB, and then start eclipse.
ADB kill-Server
ADB start-Server
4. At this time, 70% of logcat should work properly. If logcat still does not work at this time, update ADB (only one command, no need to connect to the Internet, and the execution is completed soon)
Android update ADB
5. Repeat Step 1. At this time, the 3rd logcat should work properly.
6. If logcat still does not work
Find the android directory in your home directory, for example, C: \ Documents and Settings \ lypoint \. Android.
Find the adb_usb.ini file in this directory. The content of the file is only three lines by default, all of which are comments. Add a line after it and the content is 0x12d1.
7. Repeat Step 3. At this time, 90% of logcat should work properly.

No way, I can only use the simulator to test it first. It seems that I still need to brush the machine and brush a ROM that can output logs. Good tragedy...

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