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The nine sons are different from Jackie Chan. The so-called "Dragon born nine children" is not just the birth of nine children. In traditional Chinese culture, 9 represents a lot and has a supremacy. 9 is a virtual number and expensive number, so it is used to describe the dragon child. The term "Dragon has JIU zi" has been around for a long time, but there has never been any saying about which nine animals it is, until the Ming dynasty saw various sayings. Notes from some scholars in the Ming dynasty, for example, Lu Rong's "zhuanyuan miscellaneous", Li Dongyang's "Huai Yu Tang set", Yang Shen's "shengyu set", Li's "Jie Yu's old man manbi", and Xu yingqiu's yu zhitang tan Yun, etc, the situations of the dragons are recorded, but they are not uniform.

In ancient times, the legend of "Dragon child, dragon child, and dragon child" exists. However, the nine sub-accounts have different opinions. China auspicious map: 9 sub
1. The eldest brother is a prisoner, who enjoys music and stands in the head of the piano;
2. yáz (yáz), the second child, is eager to kill and kill in the knife ring and the swordsmanship;
3. The old three have a good life risk, and the beast walking in the corner of the temple is its portrait;
4. When the four sons are attacked, they will scream and charge the beam of the bell to help them make a sound of sound;
5. Su zhengn (nín), which is like a lion, enjoys a good sit and relies on the foot of the incense burner, then swallowed smoke and spit;
6. liu Ziba (also has another name, which is in the box as a word, [Insects 8] [Insects Xia]), also known as XX (Bi XI), is like a turtle with teeth, I like to carry weight, and the turtles under the monument are also;
7. The seven sons are like Hu haokan, and the two sides of the prison gate or the official Hall are like;
8. The owner is like a dragon, and the owner of the arms is on the head of the stone tablet;
9. the old nine-year-old kiss (CH-w-N), also known as the tail or chi kiss, the mouth is thick and good to swallow, then it becomes the swallow-spine at both ends of the temple ridge, it is used for fire suppression and disaster recovery.

The book "Origins of the Gods" said that "the external collection of Ascension" records that the nine sons of the dragon are: quality, similar to turtles with good loads, that is, turtles under the monument; a kiss, like a beast, Good Hope, standing Ridge; zhuyun, good food, Ding cover; zhuyun, haoli, station Bridge column; Pepper chart, similar to screw clams, good closed, standing at the beginning of the door; Jinkui, like a lion, good fireworks, set up in the incense burner; add Pu prison, Zookeeper, Zookeeper three, exactly the nine sons of the dragon.

Half kiss: Also called half kiss, half tail, Good Hope, etc. The shape is like a four-legged snake that has cut its tail. The dragon is very anxious to look around and like to swallow the fire. It is said that when the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty built beam Temple, some people say that there is a fish in the sea, the tail is like a bird, that is, the e, can spray waves of rain, can be used to hate fire, therefore, the image is shaped on the corner of the temple, the ridge of the temple, and the roof.

Zookeeper: it is also called Jin Yun and Ling Yun. The ghost is the alias of the lion, so it is like a lion, a fireworks, and a good sit. The Buddha's seat in the temple and the incense burner can see its style. Lions, even tigers and leopards, dare to eat and look very excited. They were introduced into China with Buddhism. Because Buddha Sakyamuni has the metaphor of "Fearless Lion", people arrange it as a Buddha's seat, or carved it on the incense burner to enjoy the incense.

Crash killer: Looks like a crash. It is often carved on the hilt sheaths. The intention is to glared at him. The so-called "a meal of virtue will be paid, and the resentment of the meal will be reported ". The report cannot help but kill. In this way, the dragon like a hacker appears on the hilt sheaths.

Pepper chart: it is similar to a screw and closed, so people often carved its image on the front of the door or painted on the door. When an external object infringes on the shell, the shell is always tight. People use it on the door, probably because it can be closed for security.

Prison OX: Yellow Dragons with scales, good music. The son of a dragon with music cells not only stands on the Hu Qin of the Han nationality, but also has a starting image of the Yi's leading Yue Qin, Bai's three-way piano, and some Tibetan instruments.

Pu prison: The shape is like a dragon but smaller than a dragon. It is said that Pu prison lives on the beach and is most afraid of whales at ordinary times. Every time a whale attack occurs, Pu suo shouted. As a result, people put their images on the clock, and carved the long wood into a whale like a bell, with which they hit the clock for loud and bright.

Good diet: like a wolf. The Zhongding Yi machine is decorated with its head shape. Because zookeeper is a legendary evil animal that is especially greedy for food, people will call those who are greedy for food or even property as the neighborhood. Zookeeper also appeared on the bronze ware of Shang Zhou as a graphic animal surface.

Charter: Also known as charter. The appearance is like a tiger, the power, and the lawsuit, and people will engrave it on the prison gate. Tigers are mighty beasts. It can be seen that they are used to enhance the majesty of the prison and make criminals fear.
Dead Bay: Also known as turtle. The shape is like a tortoise. Stone tablets are carried over years. People can see this tough man everywhere in the temple hall. It is said that touching it can bring happiness to people.

Overlord ([Worm 8] [Worm summer]): it is also known as a turtle. It is said that in Ancient Times, it often backs up three mountains and five mountains to make waves. After receiving services by Xia Yu, Xia Yu made a lot of contributions. After the flood, Xia Yu made his achievements and let him back up. Therefore, the stone tablet in China is backed by it.

One of the nine sons of the dragon child is from the Huai Lu Tang set in the Ming Dynasty Li Dongyang. The nine sons of the dragon are:

Qi úniú)

Yáz Branch)

Ch of Kong ng)

Old SIPU prison (púláo)

Old Five neural networks (SU ~nn)

La worker (B branch x Branch)

Old qizhen Branch (B branch 'à N)

Old eight negative values (F then x second)

Old nine-year-old kiss/tail (ch? W? N/CH? W? I)

Another statement is:

Boss zookeeper (B branch x Branch)

Second Child kiss/tail (CH %w %n/CH %w % I)

P úláo)

Lazy round (B branch 'à N)

Old Wu yaoyun (T ā otiè)

La 6 (Insects 8) (Insects Xia) (B) XI à)

Old qizhen scheduler (yáz Scheduler)

Su ~ní)

Ji Jiu ot úo)

Some statements also include shoushou, Qilin, chaotian, and zookeeper.

One of the nine sons of the dragon

Prison cow, is the boss of a young man in life, love music, it often squatted on the piano head to enjoy the music played by the string, so the piano head engraved with its portrait. This decoration has been used for a long time, and some valuable Hu Qin's head is still engraved with the image of a faucet, which is called "Hu Qin ".

The ninth son of the Dragon Boat

Zookeeper, is the second child, his life is aggressive like kill, knife ring, hilt, Dragon swallow is its portrait. These weapons describe the image of the dragon and increase the deterrent power. It is not only decorated in the weapons of the battlefield star, but also used in the weapons of yarn and the guardian of the palace in a larger volume, which is more solemn and solemn.

Long Sheng, Jiuzi, 3rd.

Yi Feng, like a beast, is the old Three, life good risk and Good Hope, the beast on the corner of the temple is its portrait. These beasts are arranged in a single line, standing at the front of the vertical Ridge. The leader of the beasts is a "fairy" Riding birds, followed: dragon, Phoenix, lion, tianma, haima, mahaima, Bayu, Maho, Maho, bullfighting, and Xing Shi. They are placed in a strict hierarchy. Only the Taihe temple in the Palace Museum in Beijing can have ten orders, and the secondary temple should be reduced accordingly. Xiaofeng not only symbolizes good fortune, beautiful appearance and majesty, but also has the meaning of deterrent and elimination of evil. The placement of the famous wind not only makes the shape of the whole palace rigid but also rich in changes, reaching solemn and vivid harmony, magnificent and exquisite unity, it makes the towering palace adds a mysterious atmosphere.

4 · Pu prison

Pu prison, like pangqu's dragon, ranking fourth, life better roar, the Dragon-shaped beast button on the Hong Zhong is its portrait. It turns out that Pu prison lives on the beach. Although it is a dragon child, it has always been afraid of the giant whale. When a whale launches an attack, it will scream. People reported that according to the characteristics of its "good voice", "whenever the Bell wants to make a sound", that is, the Pu prison is cast as a bell, and the clock ring is made into a whale shape. When the bell rings, let the whale hit the prison again, so that the "sound into the cloud" and "voice alone ".

Five of the ninth child of the Dragon's life

The ghost, like a lion, ranking fifth in the rankings, is happy and inactive, sit well, and like fireworks, the Buddha's seat and the foot decoration on the incense burner is its portrait. It is said that this kind of Buddhist ornament was introduced to China by Indians in the Han Dynasty. To the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Chinese Buddhist art was widely used. This style was created by Chinese folk artists, it became the old five of the dragon child. Most of the places it was arranged were in front of the Buddha and Bodhi statue sitting at the knot. The dragon-shaped ornament in the middle of the lower-neck collar of the Shishi or copper Lions during the Ming and Qing Dynasties is also a charming image, which makes the traditional Chinese portal lions guarding the door even more mighty.

The ninth son of the dragon, the sixth Overlord

Chu Xia, also known as Yu, is like a turtle, is the old six, life is good weight, great strength, the turtle under the inscription is its portrait. Legend has it that in the ancient age, three mountains and five mountains are always on the rise, and the waves are on the river and lake. Later, Dayu took over the water control system, and it obeyed Dayu's command to push mountains, troughs, and troughs, contributing to water control. When the flood governance service was completed, Dayu worried that the Overlord would spread everywhere. Then he moved to the treasure of the extraordinary stone tablet, which was engraved with the skill of the Overlord, and called the Overlord, the heavy stone tablet makes it hard to walk freely. Ba Xia is very similar to turtles, but there is a difference in detail. Ba Xia has a row of teeth, but the turtles do not. The number and shape of BA Xia and GUI are also different. Ba Xia, also known as the Stone turtle, is a symbol of long life and good fortune. It is always struggling to carry forward, four feet are desperately holding, struggling to move forward, but it is always unable to move forward. The base of some prominent stone tablets in our country is under the Overlord, which can be seen in the forest of Beiji and some monuments and resorts.

Seven of the ninth child of the Dragon's life

Chen Yu, also known as the charter, looks like a tiger and is an old seven. It has been a good litigation, but it has the power, the tiger-shaped decoration in the upper part of the prison door is its portrait. It is said that the hacker is not only eager to speak out, but also can distinguish between right and wrong, and be fair and broken. In addition to its image and prestige, the prisoner is not only decorated on the prison door, they are also on either side of the official lobby. Every time the chief executive officer sits in the hall, the Executive Director's title card and the top of the quiet withdrawal card will have its image. It will see it in an eye-catching way, and maintain the awe-inspiring spirit of the public hall.

The ninth child of the Dragon's life.

Negative, like a dragon shape, ranking eight, life good text, on both sides of the stone monument Wenlong is its portrait. Our inscriptions have a long history and rich content. They have simple styles, smooth and bright inscriptions, and can be used for identification. Some of them are exquisite in engraving, with style and vivid pen and pen. Some of them are famous poems and stone carvings, which are very popular, qiangu said absolutely. The neighborhood is very fond of this glorious artistic inscription. It is willing to make a pattern Wenlong to set off these ancient literary treasures and make the inscription more elegant and elegant. They move around each other and look like they are crawling slowly, matching the base of the Overlord, and more spectacular.

The ninth child of the Dragon's life

Half a kiss, also known as Shanwei, half a kiss, dragon-shaped tail beast, is the old nine, wide mouth noisy coarse, life good swallow, the temple Ridge at both ends of the roll tail faucet is its portrait. The "Peaceful View" has the following description: "the Tang dynasty will be an eye, after the disaster in the hanxiangliang Temple, the more Wuyan, 'there are fish in the sea, the tail is like a horse, the waves are the rain ', then it is like a tail, it is annoying." The "witch" mentioned in this article is the stream of scholars, and the "fish" is the predecessor of the kiss. The kiss is water-based, and it is used as an evil thing to avoid fire.

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