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Webmaster friends know that the long tail keyword can promote the conversion rate of the site, my last article, "only three strokes to make your site conversion rate is rapidly rising" in detail about the role of long tail keyword and why to do long tail keywords. So how to dig these long tail keywords, is not all the long tail keywords are useful? Not all long tail keywords are useful.

A. What is the long tail keyword

Non-target keywords on the site but also can bring the search flow of keywords, called long tail keywords. Long tail keyword is relatively long, is often 2-3 words, or even phrases, exist in the content page, in addition to the title of the content page, but also in the content. The search volume is very small and unstable. Long tail keyword to bring customers, conversion to the site product customer's probability is much higher than the target keyword. There are a large number of long tail keywords of large and medium-sized Web sites, its total flow is very large. Long tail keyword Basic attributes are: can be extensible, targeted strong, wide range.

Two. How to more effective excavation of long tail keywords

A large web site layout a large number of long tail keywords, these long tail keywords how to dig out, we all know that Baidu's own products there are many places can dig long tail keywords:

1. Baidu Drop-down Box: Open Baidu page, enter a keyword, Baidu drop-down box very user-friendly list several words related to this input words appear. Here we can choose to do the long tail word.

2. Baidu Related search: We find information in Baidu when it will be at the bottom of each page of the relevant search, but also with our search keywords related to the long tail keyword. It is also the most searched by people. can also help us dig some long tail keywords.

3. Baidu promotion backstage: Baidu Promotion backstage lists a series of keywords, then through the combination to get related long tail keyword.

4. Other Baidu Products: Baidu know, Baidu experience, Baidu said it. These are places where users search for answers that are not answered by themselves, or what the industry's experienced people share through their years of experience. The gold content is still quite considerable.

5.SOSO ask: Although this product is not Baidu's own, but it is the most domestic user group of a search platform. It is characterized by the use of a wide range of people, convenient and quick. Now there is any netizen does not have a QQ.

6.google Magic Compass: This product is specialized to excavate the key words, has a very good ductility, can expand the extension of the keyword unlimited mining, is in the simulation people's thinking habits.

7. Some webmaster tools: Some webmaster on the internet to facilitate their own, do a series of webmaster tools, you can check the site's information and keywords mining.

8. Competitor's website: This is very important, but also easy to be overlooked by stationmaster. The saying goes: Know the known, the victorious. Because each webmaster understand the angle of the industry is not the same, experience is not the same, the key words are also different, the combination of these to get more high-quality long tail keywords.

Three. How to filter keywords

We dug up a lot of long tail keywords, these keywords are useful? Not necessarily, some keywords are useless, this time we will pass the screening. Filtering is typically done in three different ways

1. Before layout analysis: We dig out a lot of long tail keywords, first analysis of some of the useless, like the Search information class keyword filter out, and then layout

2. Website Statistics Code: Now there are a lot of statistical code, they record the user is what time, from what search, the site through which keywords in the site, and they browsed how many pages, which page and time, from which page jumped out. From here we can draw those keywords are used, which keyword is which region search more, which keyword can attract users click. Then, according to the search volume, the long tail keyword is differentiated by the amount of search.

3. Various "Business Pass" software: it can communicate with users online. It also records the address of the search IP and which keyword is used to search in. It is also possible to detect which keywords are useful.

In general, we must first layout these keywords after one months or so time to observe, the use of the keyword removed, put into the thesaurus, in order to use later.

 Four. The way to expand the key words

General keyword expansion of several ways are: 1 origin, 2 characteristics, 3 function, 4, advantages, 5 function, 6 price, 7. Texture.

We all know that the long tail keyword can enhance the conversion rate of the site, the site to a large number of layout long tail keywords, we dug out from various channels of the long tail keyword through screening and then layout to the site. Digging an industry's long tail keyword to in-depth understanding of the industry.

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