Long-term version Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2013.1 Reservoir simulation software

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Long-term version Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2013.1 Reservoir simulation software

The ECLIPSE 2013.1 Industry Reference Simulator provides the industry's most complete and reliable numerical solution for quickly and accurately predicting the dynamic behavior of all types of reservoirs and development scenarios. With its wide range of features, robust performance and speed, and parallel scalability and unmatched platform coverage, the Eclipse Simulator has become a benchmark for commercial reservoir simulations.
With over 30 years of continuous development and innovation experience, Schlumberger Eclipse is the most versatile and comprehensive reservoir simulator on the market, covering all reservoir models including black oil, composition, thermal finite volume and streamline simulations.
The Eclipse Series software system provides the most complete, comprehensive and powerful numerical simulation research tools for the petroleum industry, covering the numerical simulation of various types of reservoirs, effectively solving complex problems in various fields – from tectonics, geology, fluid and even development solutions, to help you quickly, accurately and efficiently predict reservoir production dynamics! Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2013.1 (with installation video, made on Win7 SP1 64-bit flagship system) is a reservoir simulation software that is now available in the 2013.1 version available by 2077. The software is mainly used for black oil, mixed, hot and streamlined reservoir simulation.

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Long-term version Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2013.1 Reservoir simulation software

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