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Recently, Hunan Satellite TV's Super Girl was singing in Guangzhou. Because it was a haopuan, many poor performances were often seen. Many of my friends commented that they could not eat any food. This is not an exaggeration, because the broadcast time is half past twelve noon, which is exactly the meal time. However, some players' odd styles and the song of scusiness do not affect appetite. However, I am still happy to keep myself in front of the TV. Although this is not a good case, I did report a joke mentality to appreciate this farce. However, the performances of the two contestants yesterday completely overturned this.

The first contestant was a simple middle-aged woman who once made me think of as a staff member of the venue. Her appearance made the judges a little dumb, and no one spoke at the moment. The older contestant seemed to have some doubts. He smiled and said, "In fact, I'm here to cheer up for my daughter. I want my daughter to sing first, so I reported the name together with her." My mother sang a folk song very seriously. In the past, this singing style often became a target of ridicule, but now I only have the respect for this mother. The next contestant, daughter favored by her mother, was only a girl eight or nine years old. When she grinned, she could still see a missing front tooth and many people fell into their glasses. The little guy sang and danced and performed a carriage, which was well received by the judges.

The second girl is a teenage girl. She looks very inconspicuous among many contestants. If you have to say something special, it's her own fashion, this is naturally one of my jokes. The young girl sang normally, and the judges quickly rang the bell and politely said "thank you ". When I started to look forward to the next contestant, the girl suddenly asked: "Can I say a few words to my parents ?" The judges first paused and agreed with each other with great tolerance. Then the girl said to the camera, "Mom and Dad, although you don't support me, I still came and I did it. I didn't disappoint you because I tried my best ." In fact, the results of the competition can be easily judged by the comments, but she can still say with a smile, "I did it, I tried my best." How confident is this! Young people do not fail. Who said no?

If I were a citizen of Guangzhou, I would be proud of them.

The slogan of the super girl voice is"No age, no singing style, no appearance, or singing", Although the commercial nature behind it is bound to make a discount on the credibility of this sentence, super girl voice indeed provides a stage for many ordinary girls to show themselves. I can only say that the people who pursue results in such competitions are painful, and those who truly enjoy the process are happy.

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