Look--Angry birds.

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Claimed to be the Sony masterpiece is Rovio Mobile movie works, Angry Birds itself is the game origin, this seems to be his first film, I used to do hand-travel commentary when played hundreds of hand tour, their home work is very good, many recommendations, fun Place is: 1 image design 2 Level design 3 parameters diversification and mixing, before they actually also out of cartoons, basically no dubbing, the image is completely unchanged (birds and pigs have no limbs, because in the slingshot game do not need), and even slingshot are unchanged, the two camps is not a bird is a pig, the game short background made of animation works, a episode of two minutes, It's not clear what they're making, but it doesn't make much of a movie.
# #开始前我迟到了:
-Oriental Plaza Emerald City This architectural design is not conducive to finding KTV and cinemas;
-The cinema needs to buy 3D glasses ... Two bottles of Fanta up to 10 dollars ... This service ... (I can not be angry before the film, I enlighten myself);

I looked at the time almost missed 10 minutes, but this has no effect, this story structure and suspense what is very lightweight, not too much background character set, Red is obviously the protagonist, this game and the first movie poster is the goods.
# #适合三大人群:
-Love comedy;
-Understanding political metaphors;

# #原因解释:

-The audience of the game itself is young, it is possible to make an adult like it in the picture and operation, or even in the context of this story, but it is not universal, and this refers to the portrait. I feel that the children are attracted to the ' music Insert ', the number is quite a lot, divided into musical techniques and enhance the design of the screen sense, the level is not high, the music market is not too big impact, but in a film like this will give me a good sense of viewing;
-The film is not a comedy (if counted, it is too slag), but the overall style is very close, and then there is a stem is completely in my unexpected, if there is no such a joke, I will think my money is not worth, but he has to do it for you, I mean mighty Eagle just came out to pee this joke (in my heart this is the climax)
-Political metaphor, I do not understand (I science students I pursue scientific logic I will see but I do not understand);

# #关于我:
-I am 21 and a half years old, but my heart is very innocent, so the 1th I was again;
-I like comic sketches, I like Western comedy, I'm learning more and more humor;
-"I have been so admired you since childhood, but now found that fate must be mastered in a fool like me," you can feel these things are anesthesia brain, can also think that this is a political elite manipulation stupefying a means, roll back to the beginning, I innocence, I am happy, I am willing to think so;
-I don't think their home screen is much better in the film industry, at least they are Sony and Rovio!
-that big red finally harvest love, this is I notice this film only a point of love, I bless this looks like a ferocious nerd, on his bass voice sang a high-pitched performance, so that singing and singing good for courtship is to seize the important!!! (My focus is based on some of my classmates ' tips should be one of the 360 reasons I'm single)
-Works of art, tribute to the classics, to the self-expectation on, create classics, believe the future!

Look--Angry birds.

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