Loulan's mutton string

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There is a famous food square next to the small road, and a Xinjiang hotel at the entrance of the food square is Loulan.

Loulan is famous for its mutton strings. I can't remember who took me to dinner for the first time. When someone described the meat strings here as delicious in the world, isn't it a meat string? What's so amazing! However, when I saw the stove surrounded by mountains and sea, I had to admit that it was delicious when I had to eat two strings...

From then on, I often take my friends with me and my friends with me... Someone told me that she had eaten a dozen strings at once !...

However, I still developed the habit of having one or two strings of food every time I pass by. Now I often go home or go shopping, so that I have eaten 3rd times this week.

Seeing that their business was so good, I thought of how much I could earn when I asked my aunt who had bought an anchor cake at the school gate. Aunt said that 4 and 5 k let us get a glimpse... It's still unknown that we have been out for 10 years... Ah! Will it be true that I am a scholar...

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